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My Shortcomings

Well, when you think about Lord of the Rings, you think of Peter Jackson, the ultimate and definitive master of direction. You think of the incredible hi-tech graphic-artists (or whatever they are called) who created Gollum. And of course you think of the hobbit, the SHORT hobbit.

I’m not some loony who’s snatching away all the glory. But I’ve spent almost 16 years with people telling me “but you’re so short!” I cannot deny that I had been missing all the awesome roller coasters rides because I wasn’t tall enough. I remember meeting teachers with polite but unconvinced expressions, enquiring “Are you from this class?” And being bullied by the school elite (read rich, spoilt and ‘unfortunately’ TALL kids). My mom used to pull me to the kids sections at the age of 14 to buy a pair of jeans, although my dad used to take me to adults section for my clothes. But then again it was brutally experimented with scissors, blades and knives. And after all this, gifted to maid servant because the alteration was wrongly done. Arrrrrghhh!!!!! My favourite pair of jeans!!! 😦

One thing was for sure. I understood that my highly intimidating Physical Trainer wouldn’t notice that I was sneaking out of the gym class, every single time. Lol 😀 So I coined an acronym SAS (Short and Sweet). I wasn’t short, I was a spectacularly hare- brained and stubborn, ever- voracious thing (giggles strictly forbidden!), a creation, And this fortunately or unfortunately suits me to perfection.. What can I say?

Friends of course will not really agree to it rather they’ll say I’m something much worse. Point I ‘m trying to make is, short does not mean little. It means short (literally) –that’s it. It doesn’t mean that I’m geeky nerd with enormous glasses and skinny knees (ummm….. I’m talking about my self only. No offense to geeky nerds)

It doesn’t mean I’m an invisible person who doesn’t command an opinion of interest. It doesn’t mean that just because I’m short, the world won’t stand up and notice. Through history, pages are littered with names of short people who made a difference. Let’s wind back to Joan of Arc, the French peasant girl who led France through the Hundred Years War and the one constantly appealed to by politicians and eager-to-grab attention bureaucrats. How tall (or rather short) was she? She was as tiny as 125 cm (4.11 feet). Or how tall did Napoleon stand? But still, all teens suffering the agony of school have to learn a highly comprehensive account of all the great stuff they did. So I may have to always be curtly informed by teachers that, no, I definitely cannot sit with miss-long-and-slender on the back bench.

I may always have to get all my clothes altered because I refuse to wear kiddie tees with ‘POKEMON’ or ‘BAYBLADE’ emblazoned and extolled across. But, I can’t rule out the fact that I always get to say (casting nasty grin at the unfortunate recipient), “Excuse me, I’m short. May I please stand in front?” when I visit shows, parade and concerts. I get away with paying loads less than what my unfortunatelytall friends have to shell out when we visit amusement parks. People do not ask me to carry luggage because I am short. Hmmmm…. And I think a mini skirt won’t look all that short on me because I don’t have those tall legs!!!

So now I am not afraid to stand up to the shorty jokes cracked on my face or behind my back.. Ha ha.. losers.. Oh boy, oh boy! I’m learning to love being short! Because that’s the way I am. 🙂


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