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Enjoy a Happy and Safe Holi!

Happy Holi everyone! Today when everyone is playing with colours outside, I am hiding in the house like a sissy, writing this blog and playing with words here. From past few days what I can hear about is ‘Holi kab hai? Kab hai Holi?’ Well, finally its today and people will make the most of it!

Children especially enjoy this festival a lot. There are colours and water and sweets to their disposal. They are free to do all kinds of mischief they want to. I can see all the children walking on the streets armed with their favourite Pichkaris (water guns) filled with coloured water. And another thing that I can see is their love for the festival and their love for the people whom they are playing Holi with. Children take this festival in the true spirit.

Now that we are talking about Holi, let us not forget its spiritual importance. Holi is an occasion when we celebrate the victory of truth over evil. Holika, a woman who had a boon, due to which no fire could burn her, tried to kill Bhakt Prahlad following her brother Hiranya Kashyapu’s orders. She was burned to ashes but no fire could touch Prahlad. This shows that no amount of evil can defeat the truth.

Now that we are talking about evil, it reminds me that it has been on a constant rise and getting out of hand. Surprisingly, we see such anti-social behaviour by adults during the very festival. Maximum number of rape, assault and misbehaviour cases have been registered on the day of Holi. People have taken the spirit of this festival is a wrong way. They think they are free to do whatever they wish and it will be over-looked. They believe that their behaviour will be masked behind their coloured faces. Gang of hooligans riding on their bikes on the empty roads make me stay at home on this day.

Especially, in a city like Mumbai, cases of foul play, misbehaviour, rash driving is rising year by year. There is no restriction on these people and people tend to over-do everything and take for granted the freedom they have. Just as I write this blog I can hear uncontrolled “brrroooommm brrroommm” on the road.

Some people take this festival as an opportunity to harm people whom they don’t like. They throw eggs, water balloons and other rotten vegetables or put them in mud. Really? Is this what Holi is about? If yes, I am glad that I never played Holi.

Yes, I have never played Holi is life. I am afraid of colours and water and the chemicals reacting on my skin. I became little too paranoid after my brother got hurt badly in his eye when someone hit him with the Pichkari. He could have lost his eye if it would have hit the wrong nerve. 😦 In addition to it, I hate wasting water. But I think I have better ways to celebrate this occassion. We make pooranpolis and special dishes at home. Last year, we visited an orphanage with other friends and distributed chocolates and filled colours and brightness in their hearts! This year Mom broke her hand and I am planning to paint her plaster.. hehe.. Just kidding! But ‘Mann ki Holi’ is what I believe in. I just want to appeal to all my friends, please re-consider your Holi plans. Do something eco-friendly. Do not waste water. Spread some smile and brightness. Play but play safe. I hope you all know, you might land in jail for throwing water balloons on unknown people. Try and avoid harmful colours and do not have an intention of harming others. Make sure that whatever you do, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Teach the same to you children, so that they grow with these values. Make it a ‘Happy’ Holi in true and right sense.

Have a rocking and safe Holi everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Enjoy a Happy and Safe Holi!

  1. Akhil on said:

    hmmmm to isbaar b aap gharpe hi the holi pe….dont worry nxt time i’ll strink @ ur place for sure……kidhar chup maat jaana n dont evn thing to giv me tht PANDA STARE….hehe

  2. Priyesh on said:

    Very well said, anti-social behavior is not what Holi is about. I remember when i was a kid someone dumped a bucket of mud on me. It was pretty traumatizing but it didn’t keep me from enjoying the day. I don’t get to play Holi that much here in the States but I try to go to Holi festivals whenever I can.

    Anyways, great article and keep up the great work 🙂 I enjoy reading

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