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Should I hate myself for not having a Blackberry?

A month back or so I fought with someone justifying why I never considered buying a Blackberry. Not that I sounded very convincing to the other person but I just knew I did not want it. In simple terms. Thankfully, I never fought with myself for this. There was no conflict in my mind whatsoever although I was made to believe that I am in social media and I should own a BB or just die, for all they cared. I dropped the debate there that day.

A couple of days later, a friend of mine called me to tell me that she dropped her Nokia something model from the sixth floor and it seemed like Mother Earth just sent the phone back to its first level of evolution. It was dismantled into 8 good pieces. Hopeless as it was, she didn’t even try to get it back in one piece. Now, what do you do when you lose a phone? You hunt for a new one and she called me for the very reason. She was considering buying a Blackberry. My eyebrows raised at the very instant and I said, “Please don’t buy a BB.” She didn’t seem to hear me and kept asking me what the colour of phone should be. I wanted to reason with her and advice her not to buy a BB because it wouldn’t have served the purpose for her. She wouldn’t listen. And it so turned out that she had already cracked a good deal with one of her friends. I wanted to warn for the matter of fact that she wasn’t even a tech savvy person. Again, she just wouldn’t listen. I said fine, advised her a black phone and hung up.

Again a couple of days later she calls me up from her new BB. I was the fortunate one to be one of the first persons she called from her new phone. She sounded so damn excited that I had to ask her to talk softly because I could hardly hear what exactly she was saying. We spoke for good 15 minutes and I suddenly went back to my argument with the friend over the BB. Of course, I had better things to do so I dropped it again. Still, I couldn’t get myself to consider buying a BB. I am not tech savvy. I am just not.

Few days later, my friend finds me on Gtalk. She sounded pretty depressed. So I just popped the BB question to break the ice. She said she doesn’t like it. I was sort of surprised and not so surprised at the same time. I was surprised to see, she gave up on her BB in a matter of few days. I was not surprised because of one obvious reason. I knew that thing wouldn’t suit her. I was feeling sort of triumphant in my mind but I was polite enough to listen to her grievance. She said that the battery is the major problem. I knew that part. I know her and I know her well. She is a talker. Like me. Sometimes she doesn’t even allow me to speak. She hates the idea of texting and always calls up no matter what but she won’t text you. So I always knew, talking is what she is going to do with the phone. And with so many applications on the damn BB she will have to charge the battery not less than 3 times a day. She was in a horrible state of mind. That BB burnt a hole in her bank account and now she is not even happy with it. She asked me if I had a spare Nokia or Samsung phone that she could use. I did not but I knew someone who did. I got them connected and she was so damn happy then. She finally went back to Nokia. Simplest phone maybe she could ever find in the market now. But what is important is that she was happy and she could now call up how many ever people she wanted and not worry about the battery. My friend who lent her his phone told me that he found it very stupid to see someone to be so happy to have gotten back to a phone of the barbarian class. I asked him to just keep his thoughts with himself.

So now, back to square one. Should I actually be turning to BB now? Naaahh.. I don’t think so.




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3 thoughts on “Should I hate myself for not having a Blackberry?

  1. Whats wrong with you ! You need to make decision from people who are using for many years … and not one who left it in few days. Anyways being in social media doesn’t mean have BB, (as you mentioned in first para).. iPhone would do too or any other phone … you just need to be connected 24×7 with community.

  2. This is a general opinion and please check the date of the post. I accidentally pressed the tweet button here and then forgot to remove. I am not opinionated by the recent incident.

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