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What a Samsung Galaxy 750 did to a non-gadget freak

To begin with, I am not a gadget freak or for that matter I do not even feel the need of a smartphone being into social media as a profession. But who doesn’t want to make things better; things like making work more convenient, or for that matter carry your office in your bag. (I carry my office on my head sometimes, not literally but people who know me will agree.)

Now coming back to gadgets. I saw a Samsung Tab in my office for the first time with a colleague of mine and it seems it has been permanently attached to her hand now. I have this habit of observing peculiar things when I sit jobless at my office. That happens very less often but that is besides the point. The point is that this lady carries this Tab everywhere in the office; meetings, lunch, god knows maybe even the washroom. Finally, one day I took the privilege to a take a close look at it. Being no-such a gadget freak I failed to understand how can somebody be so attached to this machine (forgive me for calling it that but it does fit into the definition of a machine). And boy was I amazed! Firstly, I was amazed looking at this Tab and then I amazed myself by sticking to it and slowly getting addicted to it. Bad thing, that thing is not even mine to be addicted to it. Anyway, I managed to see some features and get a hang of it. It created a genuine interest in me to more about these Tabs. I do not remember what model hers was but it was damn good.

One day I casually scroll around Samsung Tabs on a site. I remember I saw a print ad of the same which reminded me I am supposed to check out more about it. So I went through some reviews and features of Galaxy 8.9 and 10.1 and so on and so forth. They were all nice but you know when you think that there this one thing missing you start pondering. Not that I was planning to buy one but you can always think that way. It wasn’t just there for me. And now here I am looking at Samsung Galaxy 750 and looking at its features. Boy oh boy, I am impressed or what! I mean there is not one thing I liked about it. There are in fact 5 reasons. I will list them down according to the level at which it has taken my heart away.

Reason 1: Since, the time I have started using a smaller bag, I have wanted everything to be turned small so that I can very well carry them. Samsung Galaxy 750 is unbelievably sleek. It weighs only 565 gms and is 8.6 mm slim. What else can I ask for? The netbook that I use now, I thought that the smallest gadget that I will ever consider, which is 1.4 kgs and has 12 inches screen. But the sleekness of it is so sleek. Plus point for a traveler to buy this.

Reason 2: Being into social media as a profession it becomes very important to be a multi-tasker. Your boss might expect you to put up updates in the middle of a client meet of some other brand. Or if you are at the client meet and you have a team, you need to be guiding them always. How do you do that?

Become a multi-tasker. And this beauty does its job very well.

Reason 3: This is very important for an online based job profile. You can efficiently browse web. Yes you need it all the time and if it is less stressful all the more better. A lot of PCs, browsers, software etc are not yet compatible with the rich Flash applications. Try using “Screen capture” by Google webstore and try taking a snapshot of a page that has rich Flash application, you will know what I am talking. This is another strong reason for people like me to consider this gadget. Believe it or not, people are moving to rich media but the browsers are not moving as fast as they are.

Reason 4: Now this is not related to work because work is not what we always do. I read books while I travel but it is impossible to concentrate in a crowded train even if you are seated. So I end up turning to my phone for some music. The kind of volume these ladies manage to reach while talking is commendable. Ear-phones are a fail. No there is no third option of entertainment for me. So I go home bored. This gadget has a Full HD Playback and Dual speakers which can easily help me watch movies and sitcoms and stuff like that. Full power!

Reason 5: Speed. Who doesn’t need it? If I have to tell a client that such-and-such application already exist that he needs to develop or say if he asks for an example to be shown, you cannot tell him you will do it the next time. No you cannot do that. When it is now or never, speed is what you need. Zip, Zap and Zoom. Applications will download, client impressed and you leave your boss feeling proud of you. Yes, definitely another plus point.

I am really not into gadgets but my netbook is one thing that I had gone crazy about and now Samsung Galaxy 750. One wonderful beauty. I wish you were mine.


Image: Google images

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