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MBA Assignments?? Stick it up!

Hello folks!

I know I was supposed to write the Part 2 of Adventures of TinyVibha, but I got too busy and I vaguely remember what happened in the other half of the trip. The next day after my travel was my cousin’s wedding. Nothing much, just usual. I have seen 100 weddings like these. I cannot believe how each wedding ceremony is just the same. No, no Joota Chori happened. Boring people I tell you all. And I finished most of the book ‘The White Tiger’ on the way back. Since then I have been a bit busy…. actually not. I am not busy since I came to know that my MBA exam dates were mixed up with some other batch. But then I am resitting it all and things are under control. I am up here again on my blog because I want to share some of my assignment work with people. To be specific, these are SMU MBA-DE Winter batch assignments. I know how difficult it is to tackle all these assignments and go to office everyday. So I decided, I will put this up here. What? You think I shouldn’t give it for free? But no, that’s not how I am . I cannot take advantage of people’s situation. Yes, if I write a book on management someday I might just sell it to Kotler fans! Wink 😉 Without much ado I am going to start uploading them. I apologise to my followers here if they find these MBA assignment blogs a little irritating. But people out there are in need, at least I think so. Coming up are the SMU MBA-DE assignments for Winter batch 2012. I have completed three now. Rest will follow if I could finish them.

All the best everyone!

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