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Thankful to life

My maid has not turned up for work from past three days. Reason, her daughter-in-law is pregnant and is going through some complications. Some kind of water has filled her womb and she and the child are in danger. The doctors have advised to abort the child but how could they? The period in which abortion is safe has passed. To add to the grief she is being made to hop from one hospital to other. Panvel to Vashi to Sion and back to Vashi. It is very depressing to know that women of her house are going through such trauma. What is her life, I think. She has 8 sons, mind you, eight grow-up and good to work sons. But she is the only earning member of the family. The eldest got married to this girl who has complications now. She has her sister who stays with her but doesn’t share her wages. You must be thinking why I am writing this down. There are many reasons and only a couple of them worth mentioning.

First, I am grateful to every thing I have in life. People, job, education, house, entertainment etc. I am grateful to all the people who have made me smile even once in my life. I might not be in touch with them but I am sure, when I close my eyes I will be able to recollect all of them one by one. So all of you who gave me slightest of happiness, thank you.

Second, my maid came in the morning to tell that she has some urgent work to attend after which she will come to our place. My mother asked her out of concern how things are and she broke down. That is when I realised how depressing the situations are. She could hardly speak while crying. My heart broke. I went in and made some tea for her because she looked quite tired. Still, before leaving she says she will handle it. A big question was where will she get that kind of money and the answer was right there before I could ask. She mortgaged her gold and land whatever she had. May god bless her and give her strength to tackle this.

I am writing this down so that I remember that people around us are not always as happy as I am and that I should be considerate and willing to help if and when required. These are little lessons of life, might not be important for all but it did change something in me today.


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