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Mumbai local value adds- A wishlist

Indian railways, especially the Mumbai locals are always in demand. They are the backbone of our country. Every day millions of commuters travel up and down on these trains to go to work and back home. But the experience on these trains for people is becoming worse day by day. You get in without knowing whether you will be able to accommodate inside or will be thrown out. The frequency of train has increased, still they run heavily packed. I was thinking more than increasing frequency of trains, which is also required, Mumbai locals should provide some more facilities to make travelling experience better.

Some of the ideas might sound super natural but how do you think these commuters travel and reach safely miraculously every day?

Here is my wish list:

Indicators for station announcements: Whatever these people announce at the stations, is hardly audible. I sometimes wonder whom they are making these announcements for. I suggest there should be a ticker where whatever they speak runs in written format so that at least people can read them.

Coupon vending machine in the trains: So long you are carrying those ticket coupons you can get into the train and get it punched in the train itself. No need to rush towards the ticket counter.

Sound absorbing compartment: Ladies compartment can be replaced by these compartments where the sound women make is absorbed and this becomes a Noise-Free zone. Better, you can run the train on the energy that is created by the noise women make in trains. Ladies special will be soon declared the fastest running train in India.

Amrutanjan doors: The door should be lubricated with Amrutanjan balm. People while getting down and getting in the train get their shoulder, arms, knees, head etc injured. These doors will help them heal their pain by the time they reach their destinations.

Pregnant ladies compartment: Some women are courteous enough to give their seats to pregnant women in the compartment but such gems are very few. In this case, they should travel in a special pregnant ladies compartment. In that compartment they should also provide some basic first aid kit also.

Air conditioned trains please!

Sleeping pillow: This facility should be provided for people who wish to sleep while they travel so that does not use other person’s shoulders to take a nap.

Shoe racks: This is for women who travel with high heels. They should remove it and put their high heels on shoe rack. They can take it back once they wish to get down. At least they won’t step on someone’s feet with those heels.

Haath Dakhva Train Thambva: I am sure this happens somewhere in Bihar already, where people can do show of hands and make the trains stop so that they may get in. For the people who are running late for work or college this service should be introduced. It is already available for some buses.

Half ticket for 4th seat: As long as you pay less you won’t mind sitting 4th seat and travelling.

Perfume dispenser: Like the ones we use in the car, trains should also use them. Especially in the evenings and during the summer this will turn out to be a boon.

Larger first class compartments: Why the heck do people pay three times the price to hang outside the train?

Train pooling: For the people who are going to travel to the same destination should get a separate train. If 70% of people in CST are going to get down at Kurla at a particular time, the train pool will take them directly to Kurla and not stop anywhere else.

Fold-able pool: For the ones who want to cross the track they should press a button and a pool will appear. It will be little taller than the train itself. Close the bridge once you have crossed.

My wish list is never ending. At least what I look for is a dignified travel experience. Can Indian Railways make that happen?

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4 thoughts on “Mumbai local value adds- A wishlist

  1. Nice post yaa.. a few things like perfume dispenser, larger first class compartments, indicators for station announcements we definitely need..i would like to have automatic closing doors..that would help save lives..

  2. Nice post,Nice ideas.
    Haath Dakhva Train Thambva is used all over India i think.
    I think you missed “to” in the sentence below:-
    “You get in without knowing whether you will be able accommodate inside or will be thrown out.”

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