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Are you being served?

The moment I saw there is a sitcom called ‘Are you being served?’ I knew I had to find out what it means. Yes, I didn’t know what it means. Then in one of the ads Saif Ali Khan talks to the Appy Fizz bottle where he says, “You are being served”. I was under an impression that this phrase means whether ‘Are you on the platter?’ or ‘Are they going to cook you and serve you?’ The nature of the humour in this sitcom is adult. So obviously, I thought it might mean that you are trying to tell people that you are available. Then I completely forgot about it as I hardly get time to watch TV.

Today again I read somewhere this term ‘Are you being served?’. I thought I have got to find it out before I make a fool out of myself in front of well read people. Sadly, the internet has not been much of help. I found out the meaning in tit-bits. Therefore, I am putting it together here.

‘Are you being served?’ is an expression generally used in restaurants or food courts. It means ‘Has anyone taken your order and are you waiting for your food?’ or simply ‘Has your order been taken?’ In case of this sitcom which is around a fictional clothing store in London it means, ‘Have you been attended?’.

All in all it simply means whether have your needs been taken care of. The next time if a shift manager at a restaurant asks you whether have you been served then you can answer appropriately.


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2 thoughts on “Are you being served?

  1. Hey, even I was looking the net up for its meaning after watching the TV show and that’s how I clicked on your blog. Yeah, there’s hardly any info on the net. I thought it meant something like, are you being fooled, or something. It’s a lil disappointing to know it has a regular, literal meaning 😛

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