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The pain of getting a Haircut

I know you think this makes no sense and immediately send me a wiki link that explains what ‘hair’ is made of. Well… new flash! I know what hair is made of. I am referring to a different kind of pain. I have to admit that I am more nervous when visiting a beauty parlour than I am when I visit a dentist. It is sad that there are things you cannot do on your own. Like cutting your hair. So this pain. This day , ‘getting a haircut’ day, comes less often in my life. I love my hair no? Anyway, I had one of those days today. And I must say I will never get over the beauty parlour anxiety, whether I am 23 years old or 53.
I enter this parlour at a time that I think is safe time so that I do not have to wait in a queue. To my dismay there was a small queue there already. I had eight pair of eyes looking at me, the moment I entered. I had to wait for my turn, I can’t tell you how much I hate to do that in a beauty parlour. I pick up a beauty magazine and do pretend reading so that I can avoid unnecessary conversation with people there. A lady there looks at me and grins. I just stare and don’t know whether to smile back or avoid. I think to myself that I have to wait here at least for an hour now so I better smile back to avoid awkwardness. I look up and give a killer smile. Shit! That was a mistake. She gets up from where she was sitting and sits on a couch near me. She asks me what I am here for. I so wanted to say that I have come here to perform a belly dance; just waiting for floor to be free. But I politely say, ‘I am here to get a haircut’. She tells me she is waiting for her daughter who is getting a hair spa. I glanced at the girl and back at this lady, I felt sad for her. The mother has to wait for the stylish daughter so that she can get a hair spa. I think the lady deserves it more. She looked tired, I observed.
It was now my turn to get a haircut so I wish her good evening and take my seat. I thought now I will be relieved. I just have to get a haircut and then leave. I sit in front of a big mirror and I could see everybody sitting behind me. The girl who was to cut my hair asks me how I want my hair to be cut. I say my standard dialogue, “Change the look, keep the length”. All hairstylists understand this, I have seen. She gets on to her work immediately. I believed all I have to do now is close my eyes and sit, rest will be taken care of. But no! She kept asking me questions. What shampoo do you use? You have got hair-fall problem? How often do you wash your hair? When and where did you cut your hair last time? Oh god!
I answered her anyway, and kept peeking here and there on the mirror to see if anybody is watching me. I become more nervous when I saw that lady constantly looking at me and smiling. I think she likes me. I can’t say for sure. Maybe she knew I am nervous. And the hell breaks lose! I get a fit of cough. I try to control and it gets worst. The girl offered me water. I drank some and then didn’t dare to look up. I do not understand, I am like a lioness on prowl otherwise, there’s something about these beauty parlours I don’t like. The scissors go snip snip snip and my haircut is done. I thought I can heave a sigh of relief. But then the girl tells me that she is going to take 15-20 mins to set it right. I mean why? The hair is not going to be set that way forever no? One hair wash and it is gone. But she takes the effort anyway and starts blow drying my hair. She puts my hair in rollers and try giving it a curl or wave or something. I was about to go off to sleep while she was doing her job. Just then I get a burning sensation on my scalp and it brings me back. Sadly she does that too often for my good.
This is definitely pleasure with pain together. But then I look at myself in the mirror and I love what I see. Hair feels nice, though temporary, I feel good! I am happy also because I am not coming in here anytime soon. Yay! So this is the pain I had to go through just to get a haircut.


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