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What is wrong with being fat?

Now face it! I have been hearing this all these years. As long as someone loves you, you are pleasantly plum, fluffy or chubby. The moment they start hating you like you have killed some horses of their’s, you are AN UGLY FAT BITCH! Face it, I say.

I have been fat (I am not going to hide behind any other polite words) all my life. I was 4 kilos when I was born. I have been slow in all kinds of sports. I have been just pretending to run or sprint because I had to, in school. But I never reached the finish line. Short and stout as I am, I have had a tough time as a kid. A lot of people’s heart will go out to me. Believe me friends, I feel the same for you. Lucky was I to have had a couple of good buddies who were virtually blind maybe; they just could see that I am fat or that thought would never process in thier minds. Thank you guys, you are precious. Another bitter fact is that being a fat girl is more difficult than being a fat boy. Kids are afraid of fat boys and they are the unclaimed bosses of the gangs that exist in schools. And the saddest part is that they are the leaders of groups that tease fat girls till they succumb to it. Fat girls however, are not humans. They are treated like cattle. Hud hud!!

People, if you are reading this please teach your kids not to call a fat person ‘fat’; for a very simple reason that they know it already. And kids can really get hurt mentally by all this embarrsement. Honestly, I had a different way of handling such situation. I confess that I have broken a tooth of a skinny fellow and beaten the hell out of a lot of guys in school for calling me fat. They have learnt their lessons. I hope your kids do not get to learn it this way.

Alright now. I have grown up and grown out of that period completely. I sometimes just wonder, what exactly is wrong with being fat? Here the question is not about the health hazards. That even thin people die unexpectedly. I am talking about the social acceptance. I am sure you have heard this following line from someone. “She is kind of cute but she is fat.” Why buts? Why is being fat such a sin? Why does size matter to fit into the socially accepted groups? Not that this world economy is getting devastated because over eating by some people. Thinner people with less appetite throw away extra food. Is it because it does not please your eyes? Believe me, even if you have a wonderful sense of humour and you are a darling of a human being, you are still looked down upon because you are fat. Why is it like that?

Moreover, the word fat is a weapon for a few. You get into an argument with someone and if they say, ‘At least I am not FAT,” you drop your weapons. You completely give up the fight. And for a moment you even forget what you were fighting for. By the time you gather your thoughts, you have lost the battle already. Why does the word affect you so much? I had a way to deal with that. I used to say, “I do not eat up your father’s fortune. So you have no right to point out how much I eat or how fat I am.” That used to shut people up but then you still are hurt.

Hey look, I have always been like this and in my family no one bothers me with it. Nobody in my family calls me fat and I feel safe there but as you step out you have to deal with it. There have been times when I have wished that I was thin. I wished that I should suffer from a disease that causes fat loss. Maybe I wished that when I was 12 or 14. I still wish that but not as much. I am comfortable in my skin now. I can dance for all you know. I don’t care if everybody else wants to leave the floor. It can keep me away from dodos who do not respect another individual just because they are fat. Believe me friends, it is not as bad as you think. This society might want to make you look like a laughing act of some sort but chill. You know why? Because they are wrong and they always have been. Their definition of being cool is baseless and stupid. And I am making this claim after some good observations.

I am sure you have heard of rockstars, pop stars and celebrities who dope, smoke, booze, run naked around the street but people still consider them cool. They are people out there who have been sent to jail for crimes you can’t speak of and they are cool. There are womanisers, criminals, dopers, drug peddlars, human traffickers, sex addicts, rapists out there with tendencies that can harm anyone. But then they are big stars. Society still considers them cool. Now imagine one of such rockstars during a gig, he bites into a milkybar or a club sandwich in between the act. Haha! Funny right? Isn’t cool, right? See, it is simply baseless. Then why are we afraid? Chin up fat buddies, we are no wrong doers. We do not harm anyone and we have our own self respect. But like anyone else you have to have faith in yourself and only then can you boost your confidence and make the world realise that they are losing directions. Unless you think you are worth it, no one will.

Eat well, all the lovelies there and live long and live happy. Cheers!


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2 thoughts on “What is wrong with being fat?

  1. Nicely put. But, my take on this is fatness is just a state of mind. And yes, even I am fat 🙂

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