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Change, as we love it

We love rains, winter and summers for their own reasons. We also love the climatic diversion in between these major seasons. As kids we loved it when it rained heavily. Schools sometimes ceased to function. Winter here in most parts of India is mild so it is the best season to go for picnics and outing without drenching in rain or sweating under the sun. We and kids especially love summer season. They have their vacations at the same time. Parents make plan for the family and a long vacation is favourable in this climate as well. And once we we are fed of of this extra heat rains arrive like fresh hope and relief. Even wondered why we wait so much for the coming season? Because we all love CHANGE. 

Change in season nature’s way of telling us that nothing stays forever and that we should embrace the change. It is thus the ultimate truth. It means we should accept and adapt the change that is brought up us. It won’t be wrong if I say sometimes we need to change somethings that are stagnant and hence can stress you many a times. If you are working for too long you need a change. Take a stroll, talk to your colleagues or just close your eyes and take rest for a while. If you have been lazing around for a while them do something productive. All in all we need change from things we do and from the people we are around. If you are able to manage and control the change you are trying to bring in, your will never be bothered about unexpected things occurred to you.

Take a breather. Life is really long to be stressed out. Hold your loved ones close as they help you in all kind of emotional transition. And always, at least once a day, look at yourself in the mirror and smile.



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