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Who stole my God?

Since I was a kid I have been silently excited about Ganesh Chathurti. We never bring Ganpati home because he is our family god (Kuldev) but I love him for various reasons. The enthusiasm that people have, the holidays and visits to the pandals were all time favourite. I grew up and all this seemed to have lost somewhere for me.

What kept me away from all this for a few years now is not my lack of time. What I have seen people doing in the name of Jagran have actually killed it for me. People play cards in front of the pandals and gamble. Waking up late for Ganpati is just an excuse. People make noise in the name of music and it is no devotional songs or peaceful bhajans. They have played everything from Kaanta laga to Sheela ki Jawani at the pandals. One day I saw a group of boys boozing near the pandal. Somebody, stole my God.

Then recently I saw this marathi movie Morya. Lokmanaya Tilak started this festival so that people can come together to fight against the British. The movie shows the rivalry amongst the mandals. What urged me to write today was a fight that I saw. In the name of God what are we getting into? Why have I lost respect for this festival? Why does my mother never want us kids to go visit Bappa anymore? Who stole my God?


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