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Ram and Ravana – Gods or Aliens

Like a lot of archaeologists and mythologists would claim different theories based on Ramayana  and Mahabharata, I had heard of one too in the books of Ramayana. We have heard about the incidents and the epic tales of Ram, Sita, Ravana and other characters since childhood. But few of us curious souls would not accept the stories the way they are. So we think of various ways to make all the incidents scientifically possible and valid. And as we go deep into this topic there is no way one can come out dissatisfied.

So where do we start is the question. And what would interest readers most is connection to something they know about. So we would like to start with the ice ages.  Our previous generations would refer to the ice ages as the Yugs, namely Satya-yuga, Treta- yuga, Dwapara- yuga and Kali-yuga. We would call it Ice ages. A Yuga is defined as a cycle that the earth goes through and end of one Yuga gives rise to another that follows. And this period of time can be millions of years in between two yugas.

An ice age is defined as “A period of time in the Earth’s history when ice sheets and glaciers advanced from polar regions to cover areas previously of temperate climate. Several ice ages are evident in the geological record, the most recent (‘The Ice Age’) being from about 1 million years ago and lasting until about 10 000 years ago, when the ice retreated to its present polar extent.” (Taken From: Webster’s World Encyclopedia – 1997. Copyright Webster Publishing, and/or contributors.)

No one knows what causes ice age apart from mentioning some great changes in climatic condition and no one knows what causes end of a Yuga. So do we see a connection there?

Where I am getting to is that human race lives in this age. Similarly, is it possible that a different and far more superior race lived in other ages? This was the race that knew how to communicate with each other without speaking, had flying machines and had weapons as powerful as a nuclear missile of the present day. So if a superior race like this descends on earth today we would call them GOD. Will humans be Gods to some other much inferior race someday? Might be. But we shall come to that a little later.

This earth has seen the most superior race in the Satya-yuga. On an average the life span of people on earth then was 100,000 years. The heros and the villians were the Suras and the Asuras who are their half brothers. Here I would like to mention that this theory is based on the Hindu beliefs. The Asuras aren’t really the villians nor are Suras the heros as portrayed in our mythology. They are two different sects with different different beliefs. The war fought between them can be directly related to present day war which we fight for power, water, geographical control and political and economic interests. The beings in this era were superior to people in Treta -yuga and far more superior than other two yugas.

Now the theory indicates that this race whom we can call the demigods, might have migrated to some other planet while the earth went through a major ice age. One yuga gets over and earth begins to recover and makes ground for newer race to take birth. We are in Treta-yuga now. During this time, their ability to communicate with each other changes. They haven’t been exposed to any scientific development yet and they are in a very barbaric stage of life right now. Now the demigods decide to pay visit to this newly formed earth and the current race sees them, what would they think? Yes, the supreme one. The GOD.

When we see someone do something that is beyond the limits of our race and scientific reach we instantly believe in them as GOD. What I wish to say here is,  whom we know as Lord Vishnu, the supreme being visits earth at different periods of time and in the order of evolution. So, the DASHAVATAR begins with Matsya- avatar i.e., the Fish (very low on the scale of evolution).

Then Kurma-avatar – The Tortoise,

Varaha-avatar – The Boar,

Narasimha- avatar – Half lion and half man,

Vamana-avatar – A human dwarf,

Parashurama- A human with first developed weapon; the Axe that indicates living in forest,

Ram – Man with a little more developed weapon; bow and arrow that indicates hunting,

Balaram- Portrayed with a plough that indicates agriculture

Krishna- Depict higher form of living and more civilised communities with art and social gatherings,

Kalki- Yet to arrive, will ride a horse and put an end to this earth. He is an indication that we humans have brought this upon us and he will destroy all evil which will constitute of this earth.

Thousands of years later life shall begin again and there is nothing mentioned beyond this.

Like Ram arrived on earth when people were living a life without the knowledge of magical occurances he certainly might have been perceived as god. Similarly, if humans develop technology to migrate to another planet, they probably are doing that right now and decide to descend on earth when the new race is still in stone age wouldn’t we be perceived as Gods?

The connection to our mythology is very clear. We have heard of tales like heart transplant, flying machines like pushpak viman that is our present day airplane, Brahmastra that is our nuclear weapon, extraction of solar energy to convert into some other form of useful tasks, test tube baby and birth of lord Ganesha etc. Mahabharata is the longest battle fought on this earth. Doesn’t it relate to our power struggle? They clearly were a race that were far far more advanced in science and technology. They knew how to make use of it for better or for worse. The management of this earth were in hands of three deities, Brahma- The Creator, Vishnu- The Nourisher and Mahadev- The Destroyer. And all the other deities whom we know as Agni, Vayu, Pavan, Varun are the elements by which this earth is made.

We fly like they used to, we build bridges over impossible water bodies,we operate like they used to, we fight like they used to. Are we the next generation of Gods?


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12 thoughts on “Ram and Ravana – Gods or Aliens

  1. Recently I found a very interesting book on similar theme about ancient Indian mythological Gods at amazon kindle ebooks – titled “The Guardians of Karma”

    • Dear Dan,

      There have been a lot of theories around what we call Hindu mythology. For years, we have accepted all these stories as a part of Hindu religion. The very thought that there can be something beyond just belief is thrilling isn’t it?
      Thanks for the recco on the book. Will surely check it out.

      P.S. Extremely sorry for the late reply. I dunno how I missed it out.

  2. Girish K. Kulkarni on said:

    I am also trying to find out next generations of God Ram. This is an interesting information.

  3. Vaibhav on said:

    Nothing is impossible.

    In todays date 08/09/2015 U.S.A. Had stepped on moon. Far superior knowledge in medicines , chemistry biology , engineering , nuclear weapons.

    On the other hand there r some uncontacted tribal races in some parts of africa with poor knowledge . Both coexists at a same time matter.

    Now see what will happen after world war 3 . In nuclear war everything will be ruined off . If war will b massive only some parts of world will b remain as habitable . Every one will try to just survive only.

    All scientific progress will b stalled and will b ended.
    Note war only destroys culturally advanced cities and urban areas on massive scale say decivilisation.

    After 300 years the human races would came out of African jungle . After 2000 years they will be at same stage at currently we r our todays history is past for them .
    Only some knowledge of our todays knowledge will b present there in fragmented in stories.

    They will hear the stories and wiil said .
    Ancients can fly planes to moon . And can talk to others ppl on other continents . No human could this in these age with this this(current tech that time) latest technogy.

    Where americans were aliens?

    yes this can b happen.

  4. Hello Vibha and all commentors,

    It was pleasure to go through your thoughts.
    Myself am a firm believer in science and obviously it is a happy feeling to find someone with same thoughts including friends who commented here.

    Sadly when shared with friends it gave me an entitlement of Physco.(leave it, they would realize it someday as many of us have, sooner or later)

    Well I would like to suggest “Ancient Aliens” a series aired on History channel simply amazing. Also the book “Chariots of Gods” written in simplest layman language and a definite eye opener.

    There is lot to be shared am marking your pageand signing up to keep in touch all people.

    See ya soon. Gaze the stars,

    • Hi Sachin,
      So very kind of you to read the article and leave a comment. I am delighted to know that there are more like minded people. A lot of these things are science and a lot depends of beliefs. Some people do not realise that science begins with a belief. It is otherwise called a Hypothesis.
      Thank you for sharing the programme and the book name. I will definitely look up.
      Stay connected!
      Many thanks.

  5. If wish anyone on this earth has a solid proof on life’s existence on Earth,

    A scientist, A Physicist, A Geologist, or a Doctor…………….

    Is the theory of evolution of Sir Darwin accurate
    (our brains have been fed with the input that Darwin theory is true or mostly true)

    will they be able to explain why it is only human

    1) Why is it just human able to find wheel?
    2) Why it is just human to invent fire?
    3) Why it is just humans to have feelings to express?
    4) Why it is just humans to build tremendous technologies?
    5) Why is the biggest invention “Computing” that changed the entire way of living is based on humans inner calculation method that is “Yes / No ” or more specifically “0 / 1” developed by us (say binary in itself is 0 & 1, yes & no, positive & negative ?

    6) Why is it just humans who despite all similarities with the ape, orangutans, chimpanzees, are still much much extremely apart?

    “The change is of DNA known to us with the change of “mere 3%””

    7) Why is it just humans who have smiles on their faces, at least that could have been adopted by our counterpart say apes, orangutan, chimpanzees?

    8) Why is it just humans that cannot listen to sounds that other creatures do?

    9) Why is it just humans that live in homes and not in caves or in forest? Why just animals?

    10) Do we really are 100% percent aware about surroundings?

    11) What is the truth behind existence of Moon?

    bcoz its the moon that creates such environment so as to allow life to exist on earth and scientist still do not have concrete evidence of moons natural existence.

    For me at least it is confirm that these answers are way beyond for any one to reply on but still will make any one to feel underneath the meaning of existence of our being on this earth.

    Continue Living

    • Hi Sachin,
      You have raised some very valid questions and noted some very valid observation. Some of these questions can never be answered or has not been answered yet. We are made to believe somethings since a long time. It might have to do more with history than science. Like if a story has been told for years together we believe it is true.
      Hopefully we will get to read something soon that will satisfy our wandering minds.
      Thanks for writing in.

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