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Jaspal Bhatti RIP

I remember the days when we had no cable Television. Only Doordarshan and metro and Sahyadri were the means of entertainment. Mother used to watch swabhiman and shanti whereas father used to to watch thalak batmya (news in Marathi). Among the very few programmes that appealed to us kids was Flop Show. I still remember the title song. Hu ah ha ha ha… That’s the way it goes. I also remember the break dance one lanky fellow used to do on this song.
The show projected problems and happiness of a common man who mostly used to fall in trouble. His funny ways and clever ideas were worth watching and waiting for.

My favourite episode that I can recollect is the one when Jaspal Bhatti’s boss’ dog and a kid of Jaspal’s wife’s relative goes missing at the same time.
His effort in finding them and his rivalry with a sly colleague to get noticed by the boss was hilarious.

Dear Jaspal Bhatti sir,
I owe my laughter, my joy and some beautiful memories of good old days to you. I am sad that you are no more amongst us. I am regretful that we had not gotten enough of you. I am happy for the times you have entertained us. It was a pleasure being a witness to your talent and it is shameful how this world has let you go. Dear sir, you will be missed. May your soul rest in peace.


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