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Thank you Comedy Central India

This post was originally posted on Peculiar Blend’s blog. I am sharing this on my blog because I share the same feelings about Comedy Central. Currently I am not getting it on my TV, so I miss it very much. Thank you Peculiar Blend for paying this tribute to Comedy Central India.

Just like there are many good and bad people around the world. People who are bored are seldom ignored for god alone knows why! There are so many bored people, right? At least I am sometimes. Long story short, I and my partner both are very grateful to Comedy Central India because it has given us so many good memories, irrespective of whether when we were together or lazing around during Sunday afternoon in our respective houses. Dear Comedy Central, you have been a blessing in our lives.

Lately comedy central India has been blessing in disguise for me and my little lovely partner. One of my favorite shows is the Home Improvement. I mean it’s such a charming show. Humor is simply matchless and the know-it-all Wilson from their next door is such a quirky and helpful character. He’s had and half hidden face behind the lawn fence between two neighbors makes Wilson’s character all the more mysterious.

The ‘Office’ USA Version is any day a delightful comedy. It makes me and my partner really happy, even though when we watch the re-runs, again and again. I like Dwight, Michael, Kelly, Kevin and Meredith’s characters the most. I can’t stand Angela and Mike’s Boss. I forgot her name. The same lady, who later started dating Mike, she was Michael’s ex-boss I guess. By the way, I love Ricky Gervais’s role of the original UK version of the Office. He has done splendidly; I wonder why people from Britton didn’t like that version. The concept was perhaps milked really well in the USA version.

I was quite slow to understand the humor of Seinfeld and it took me years to understand why there’s so much talk about Jerry Seinfeld’s legendary television show. Initially I didn’t quite like Julia Louis-Dreyfus who plays the role of Elaine Benes. I was so wrong and as it turned out I slowly started understanding more and started finding her funny. I misunderstood but now I really enjoy the show. Kramer played Michael Richards is a strange but adorable and he always has this raw attractiveness just as the Big Lebowski.

Malcolm in the middle is a riot with four notorious kids of two loving parents Hal (played Bryan Cranston) and Lois (played by Jane Kaczmarek). Hal is a chill out sort of dad, who loves his kids but gets carried sometimes because of vague circumstances. Lois is a protective mother and a loving wife, who won’t let anyone to take her family for a ride. She’s a disciplined lady in most respective and she’s a super woman like most of women, who singlehandedly takes care of her four troublemaking kids, confused husband and other chores of her family. I love Malcolm in the middle because it gives me the entire fun package wrapped with naughtiness, humor and dash of family drama.

Arrested Development is something I have just started watching and seems like it has been recently introduced in India’s comedy central television show listings. I like the character called Tobias, he’s fun in an awkward way and he’s mean just like Dwight from the USA version of The Office.

Awkward is a bit like chic-lit show but why not. I have seen few episodes of them and it is more about the high-school mean girl games to outdo other girls and other thing revolving. There’s the main character named as Jenna Hamilton. Jenna is a good looking yet simple girl, who’s bullied by either some cheerleader girl or by the different strokes of circumstances. The show Awkward shows how Jenna battles through such humiliations in her school/college. I am not a big fan of this show but I sometimes enjoy it, when there’s nothing else on television.

In That ‘70s Show is like (played by Kurtwood Smith) Reginald “Red” Forman’s character the most, followed by Steven Hyde played by Danny Masterson, Donna Pinciotti played by Laura Prepon and Kitty Forman played by Debra Jo Rupp. Eric Forman (played by Topher Grace) is more like Ross from the American cult comedy sitcom FRIENDS, perhaps Eric’s little extra mean when it comes to many things in his life. Fez is played by Wilmer Valderrama and he is O.K I didn’t like him initially and I found Fez really annoying but slowly I started accepting and noticing the brighter side of his role. I love the concept and yes, Jackie Burkhart is played by Mila Kunis, she is a loud character in the show, which is a mix between a blonde and 4thgrader but she’s charming sometimes but that’s all. I love watching the ‘That ‘70s Show’.

The Wonder Years is a beautifully crafted serial and I have enjoyed watching little school day life of Kevin and his friends. It’s a really adorable serial.

Doogie Howser, M.D. is unique comedy drama created by two geniuses Steven Bochco and David E. Kelley. Doogie’s role is played by Neil Patrick Harris, who’s a young and brilliant doctor. Max Casella plays the role of Doggie’s best friend Vinnie Delpino. Vinnie is a charming little boy, who loves acting and a passionate film director, who shared mischievous yet practical solutions with his buddy Doggie, while attracting many controversies in his and Doggie’s life.

Original post by Peculiar Blend: Thank You Comedy Central India


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One thought on “Thank you Comedy Central India

  1. Yes I am also glad to Comedy Central India because me and my whole family member like it so much.

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