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What is Burundanga?

Rumours are being spread about a drug called Burundanga on Facebook and via emails. It is being claimed that criminals are using it via business cards to harm the victim and loot him when he is unconscious. It is also being claimed that it is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world.

Is there a drug called burundanga that is used by criminals to incapacitate victims? The answer is yes.

Has it happened in India? No, there has been no such official report. There have been some incidences in Latin America but not in India.

When I got one mail even I became curious to know what it is. What is Burundanga?

It is a pharmaceutical drug also called as scopolamine. It is extracted from plants like henbanejimson weed, Angel’s Trumpets (Datura or Brugmansia), and corkwood (Duboisia). It is capable of doing harm like confusion, loss of memory, delusions, and limpness. Clearly it is popular among the criminals.

But there are medical uses of the same. Scopolamine has been used in the past to treat addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The patient was given frequent doses of scopolamine until they were delirious. They found that they have lost the craving for those drugs after their recovery.

When in powder form, it can be put in food or directly blow on the face. It might give that Zombie effect. Criminals would use it for the purpose of murder, kidnapping, stealing or date raping. More rumours like this are being spread. One of which I heard was kidney theft by using this drug and others were on the similar lines.

It is good to be aware of such things but currently there is no evidence of the same in India, at least. More than such incidents we should learn how to protect ourselves from the rumours that people spread.


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