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Grey Hair Generation and Advertising

The first time I saw the Vodafone ad where the old man gives gifts to the kid and plays chess with him, I was so delighted. Never before had I thought that old people can be so adorable. This man had minimum expressions on his face but the wrinkles, the nodding of head, grey hair and the bald head were such a sweet sight, i thought. Vodafone delight ad.

Then there is this Goodknight Low smoke coil ad with an old couple. The wife challenges her husband to find a mosquito. He struggles to do so. But the effort he makes and things he finds in the process are adorable. The way she mocks him is also delightful to watch.

And the latest that I have seen is Tata Sky Ad. A couple shifts in a new neighbourhood and do not have their cable TV as yet. The old man goes to a neighbour’s home to get the game of ludo. But he refuses saying that you don’t have Tata Sky I don’t have ludo.

When I was studying for my exams two days back it suddenly struck me that a lot of ads around old people are coming up. Not that they didn’t cast old people earlier but they were in secondary role. Here the main attention is on the older people. For a long time now the main focus has been kids. They are the decision makers these days if not the buyers. Hence, they are the influencers. But why old people in so many ads all of a sudden?

My thought goes only in one direction. The reason may be that a lot of old people live alone these days away from their children. Their children live abroad or away with their new family, wife and kids and the mothers and the fathers are left alone. If the old wife and old husband live together, situation is a little bearable but if one of them has passed away it becomes difficult. Honestly, this a sad situation.

In the Vodafone ad, they have shown how a kid can be a ray of hope for an old man. The promotional offer they are advertising might say exactly the opposite. But the real essence remain with the fact that the kid is the reason for his daily dose of happiness. Old people always want to give and that is what is shown in the ad.

The Goodknight ad depicts the old couple who pass their time doing little mischief. If you see it that way, what else do they have in their life apart from playing with each other. Whom will the wife be after all day if not her husband. She likes to trouble him and he enjoys being troubled. He doesn’t want to give up the challenge only because he is enjoying the way he gets defeated every time.

Tata Sky ad depicts forgetfulness of the elderly. But the little talks with not much sense is all they have in their life.

I do not know if everybody has seen these trends the way I have. But advertisers certainly have. They know the market and also the number of elderly people who live on their own. Hence, you will see more and more such ads. If you were to look at the ads more carefully you will know that they are trying to give our old fellows a reason to be happy.


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