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Addicted to one emotion for life

Have you ever come across people who can’t help but be happy under any circumstances? Even if they are sad for a moment they can’t hold on to it for long. Then you might have also come across the kind of people who are always sad.

There are positive emotions and there are negative emotions. Some of the positive emotions are happiness, excitement, gladness, exhilaration, cheerfulness, confidence, energetic, peacefulness etc. Some of the negative emotions are sadness,jealousy, anger, self-doubting, anxiety, depression, judgmental, nervousness, fear, embarrassment etc.

We humans are a mix of all these emotions if not a proper balance. Some people are extra scared and some are extra confident. The one’s who are always positive face a difficult situation better than a person who is less confident. A person who might have done a brilliant job would not come in limelight because he is just afraid.

I always thought that people have changing emotions throughout the day. Sometimes they are cheerful and sometimes they are upset. But then I came across a lot of people in the past few month who seem to have stuck with a certain emotion forever. No matter how happy is the occasion, they have the dying expression on their face always. As if they are in a funeral.

There are some who are unshakable. A difficult time faces them but they have an ear to ear smile on their face. And they change the situation for good. Some are always angry and keep finding mistakes and some are always envious of other’s achievement.

What I am saying is why are people attached to one kind of emotion? Why can’t we be angry when we should and cheerful at other times? Why can’t we be happy for others and be empathetic to other’s issues. We are failing to shift emotions at the right time. This will always create great disagreements and conflicts between people. This might not seem like a big issue but then we are losing the human touch.


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