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Living without acne- wishful thinking

When I was only 13 years old, I experienced my first pimple outbreak. I was not so concerned about it till the time it slowly grew in number and covered most of my face. For a teenager to get pimples like these is a horrible thing. It used to itch and hurt. Low self esteem started to creep in because there was another reason for me to feel depressed about, that I was fat. Great! Now I was not only fat but also ugly. Such thoughts used to be on my mind all the time.

I have been lucky enough to have friends who did not care if I had pimples or I was fat. Now when you are plump as a teenagers it is difficult to deal with your peers. And pimples can make it worse. My mother used to console me at first when I used to complain about the pimples. When I used to overdo it she used to scold me and say this is the smallest of problems I might be facing in life.

But who can explain a 13 year old? Another very irritating habit that I got into was pinching these pimples. Even if there were days when there is not a single boil on the face I would still search for one to pinch. My mother has had tough time getting me rid of that habit. But then when you are in school or studying some where alone there’s no control over the hands.

The situation then gets worse. There are blemishes on the face. Scars that might not go now forever (that’s what my mother said. They did go after a few years). Oh god! A teenager is already dealing with a lot of things and acne should be the least thing that should happen to any one. I have spent days day-dreaming about how nice it would have been if I had no pimples. No itching, no blemishes, no need to pinch and no reason to feel low about. At least one reason less to feel low about.

I wanted to try all the creams that were available but then my mother would convince me that they will go with time. I just have to go through this no matter what I try. Then why apply creams and make things worse? I kept patience and  time passed by. Pimples became a part of life. And after living with pimples for 7-8 years they finally disappeared.

I thought they would never come back but they do once in a while. But I can live with it considering I have seen worse days with acne. If you can relate to this I won’t be surprised.


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