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Basically, are we all alone?

You have friends who gather for parties and get together. You have them in your sad times. You have them when you just want to hang around for a while. But, you still find yourself all alone when you need them the most. All you have is your work, your thoughts, your chores, your opinions and you are left all alone with only your mind to bother you. Now why doesn’t your mind leave you alone? Because it not just a part of you, it is fundamentally, you.

So, are we really all alone?

We are not meant to be, we are social animals so to say. You can debate on to what extent do we need each other. The more the merrier and we want the crowd. But what if it is not true? What if you find yourself alone when you need this crowd to cushion you the most? People believe that they will die if they are left alone. A death which will be a death before the actual death.

I can go on asking, where am I alone? I have people. But then why I can’t I feel them? May be we are alone most of the times but our mind occupies us with memories and thoughts of people who we meet. It keeps you happy and makes you think you are not alone, you are not. Yet, you find yourself with you mostly. It is not people, it is just you.

So, can loneliness be good?

It can be great, provided what you do when you are lonely. Imagine you do not have to ask someone what he/she would prefer for snacks or movies or anything. You do what you like. You do what makes you happy. I am happy writing this thing down right now. I am not bothered what people are thinking or whether are they reading or not. I am just using these few minutes to turn a lonely evening into a positive one.

I am already feeling better.

You are not alone fundamentally. You are with you. If you are sad about it, then who is to blame? Not anybody else. Your loneliness is a time you can treasure. I just did.


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