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Are you MARD enough?

India has predominantly been a patriarchal society. Though we consider women as goddesses in theory, men have been in forefront for everything. We cannot forget what great men have done in history to protect over country, to provide for families etc., but if women would have never supported them where would have these men been?

I feel utterly disgusted when I read about these horrendous crimes of rape and molestation against women. Atrocities against women have no boundaries in this country. Women in our country are not safe. They are not safe on the streets. They are not safe in their homes. They are not safe in their offices, schools or playgrounds. Is it possible for any man to ensure our safety? Can anyone promise us that ‘this’ will never happen again? Will women be able go to interviews without any fears? Do we want the world to look at up as a country where women are raped and no action is taken against them?

I ask our politicians, citizens and men in general, what do you think of yourself? You think you are proving your manhood by doing this criminal act that is shameful to even think of? Hey you rapist, did you not think once before raping that 5 years old kid? Did you not feel like killing yourself before you could do this?

I feel totally worthless among these men, who took at women as if they are here to entertain them. It suffocates me to death. I can’t express how I felt when my father said, “Beta, call us twice after you leave from office. You travel from far.” You think he says that to me because they are planning when to have dinner. NO. No, it is because of the rapists who are roaming free, my parents are worried till the moment I step into the house. Their heart skips a beat when I do not pick up their call or if my phone is unavailable. I know exactly what they meant by that and I make sure I call them twice.

We are the fairer sex. Do not mistake us to be the weaker sex. You are the weaker ones. You men who can’t respect women are the weakest of them all. This not a feminist or a sexist comment. This is a fact. But are you guys ‘man’ enough to control yourselves. You are weak in your head and no you are not MARD enough.

We, from this moment need to change the definition of man if things don’t change. Raping girls won’t prove your manhood, you fools. And if this continues, then no woman will look up to their father, brother, husband and her boy friend. Women will have to train their brains to live without any of these around them. Because if they cannot be around for better, they better not be around.

With this I would also like to thank all the men who have stood up for the women in their lives and other women in general. You are true MARD. Only your kinds deserve to live in this society. I also salute those women who are fighting for the victims who are not even related to you. Few men have set an example. Few are yet to get there. The question is Are you MARD enough?

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