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Only if I had 40 hours a day!

I was wondering what I will do if I had 40 hours a day. Let me start with what I usually do. I would have worked for 10 hours, traveled for 4 hours and slept for 8 hours. There! 22 hours gone. Then I would have given 1 hour for all meals put together. That makes it 23 hours.

I would have dedicated 2 hours for reading books, 1 hour for workout, 1 hour for shopping for home stuff. I would take up dancing. That would be an hour or so. Then, a little bit of cooking for 1 hour. And housecleaning too. Just so that we don’t get confused, let’s do the math here. We have used up 30 hours.

I would have talked to my sweetheart for 3 hours on the phone. That actually takes up his 3 hours a day as well. Sorry dear, I took the liberty because I am assuming we have 40 hours a day.

Then I would have watched some TV, done some gardening, gone for a peaceful walk and lied down doing nothing for sometime. There! 40 hours used up.

My point is, we do not have 40 hours. But so many of us manage most of the above in the given 24 hours. Men and women are traveling to work like maniacs. Working women are working in office, cooking and cleaning at home and taking care of kids. Men are doing their best to keep the family happy by working till they break their backs and also managing to give family some time. All of you are heroes of your family. Know that your loved ones love you. But you see, you and they, are working so hard that you do not have time to say how much they mean to you.

Pat yourself on your back. You are doing great!


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