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I too don’t mind being called the (other) B-word

My dearest sent me this article Why I Don’t Mind The (Other) B-Word today and said it reminded him of me. And yes, I too don’t mind being called bossy. I love to help people, guide them when they are doing something wrong and sometimes I am even not polite when I say it. I have never thought that anybody is less intelligent to understand things but I am faster at times in understanding the situation. It bothers me that no body is taking any action. So I go ahead to correct it. I know that ‘Mind your own business lady’ expression so well that I it does not bother me any more.

Nina Bahadur, in her article makes a point that it looks as if we are meddling with people’s issues. But hey! Why not if it helps them? I have never been around anyone who is bossier than I am so I really do not know it feels to be imposed with an order. But I also, guide them, help them take a better decision, help them organise things better. What do I do when I know somethings better than others? It hurts me when someone loses something or gets hurt in my presence. I feel it was my personal responsibility to take care of it.

Well, it is not. Call me bossy if you want to. But till date, I and a lot of other women like me have helped people in ways that people can’t imagine and we have lost count of how many. As Nina says, some times it does back-fire. If I am shouting at a rowdy who gets into ladies’ compartment of the train, other ladies just watch the show. They just look at me as if I am some uncivilized woman who is shouting without a cause. The kid answers me back in a derogatory manner but other women do not raise their voice. There will still be women who will ask me to not say anything because these kids can be harmful. But if the kid gets down at the next station, all of the women in the compartment are benefited. They are safe to travel alone at night because I barked at the trouble maker. Get that?

The other day, I saw a water pipe leaking. I asked a cobbler nearby whether has someone lodged a complaint. He said it has been flowing for past 2 months. I was shocked. I asked shop keepers around that why has anyone not lodged a complaint yet? They all gave me that usual, ‘Why don’t you mind your own business?‘  look. Such gesture just challenges me further. The next day I sat outside the CIDCO office before even the staff came in and got a complaint registered before they could even sit on their respective chairs. I am proud that it was fixed that very evening.

Sometimes, I know that it is important that I take charge because no one will. Call me bossy. Don’t be my friend. Corner me all you want but I have and I will take charge for the good of all around me. As long as I am doing this for the good of all, it won’t bother me.


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One thought on “I too don’t mind being called the (other) B-word

  1. We are what we are. But loving the fact that people like you are respecting bossy women like me.
    Thank you 🙂

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