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Are we taking our independence granted or are we fighting our own battle?

It has been quite sometime that Independence Day is being associated with ‘Legend of Bhagat Singh’ being shown on TV and a holiday in the middle of the week; a day for people to relax and make movie plans. Yesterday, I even heard a lady saying ‘Friday ko chutti hona chahiye tha. Long weekend milta tha’. (The leave should have been on Friday. We would have had a long weekend). And the older generation is blaming my generation for taking our freedom for granted. What example is our older generation creating for the new one? A holiday is all that is it to our Independence Day?

Everything people talk about, crashes on how today’s generation is not responsible enough. Our generation heard and read about our freedom struggle in books and movies. But our older generation  have heard it from the freedom fighters directly. What role is this generation playing in making us understand what we have paid to get this freedom? Yet, we know what our freedom costs us. Contrary to the popular belief, the youth of our country is far more aware and sincere towards their country.

Independence Day is not a one day celebration of flag hoisting. We know the value of our independence far better. We cringe when these older people throw wrappers around, spit on the road and do not care if people in the crowd are getting hurt because of them. We are more helpful and careful so that others do not get hurt. We do understand that people around us are not dogs. They are humans and that they should be treated well. We always give a helping hand to people even if it is not asked for.

Apart from daily life, we see young people enthusiastically participating in Leo clubs, Rotary clubs, NSS, NCC etc., They want to bring about a change in people’s lives and make it better. They go on the streets, marching, creating awareness about environment hazards, health hazards, social problems,etc., These are the people who go door to door asking for funds to help the needy.

We are fighting our own battle. We are fighting battles for others as well. We are fighting for violence against women, child abuse, traveling, employment, right education, better quality food and other necessary things, fee hike in colleges, donation issues in schools.

So are we really irresponsible? Are we not a generation that will create a sustainable future? Weren’t there deviants in other generation? We are far more aware and concerned about not only our future but the future of this nation. You still think we are taking our independence for granted?


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