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My idea of Safe India? We are far from it…

I am disturbed, shaken and disgusted. My Mumbai was the safest place in this country. I used to boast in front of my non-Mumbai cousins about it. My belief has completely shattered. Not that women were not subjected to eve teasing and lewd comments and dirty looks from men but they were far from touching us. Never done us real harm. But now I am afraid.

Women’s safety has become a bigger issue than it was. We are going in the opposite direction. The protectors are becoming the antagonists. The biggest question is who do we trust? Our system has not only failed to protect the photojournalist; it has failed each and every woman who leaves her house thinking she is safe. Is this “Safe India” concept a myth? Are we just trying to lie to ourselves thinking that it will correct itself? I don’t think so. Nothing corrects itself on its own. This incident has shown us a mirror. What happened is where we stand today. Vulnerable, helpless and utterly disgusted. Yes, if I were to describe this incident I would just say that I am DISGUSTED.

What are these culprits proud of? Their worthless manhood? What right do they have to ruin someone’s life for their 30 seconds of pleasure? I ask, what right do they have to live? Our system is the weakest in these matters. Does it take an enlightened one to know that death sentence is the only thing that can stop such crimes against women? Why does this thing need a trial anyway? If proven, they should be hanged to death. And hang them in public.

I do not want to be politically correct here. They should not get away on any human grounds. They should not get away from this, under any circumstances. Mumbai needs an example. India needs an example. It is a slap on our faces. I take it very personally. It is a slap on my face! It is slap on your face! We are not capable of protecting our girls and women. We have not been able to train and equip our women to save themselves from this.

An appeal to all mothers. Please send your girls to self -defense classes. Equip them with pepper spray, pocket knife. And an appeal to all the girls. Never go to such corners of the city without many people. An appeal to all orgainsations, especially newspapers and news channels; never send women and girls in such places for assignments. Women will always be excited to take every opportunity that can do good to their career but it is the responsibility of the organisation, when and where to send them. An appeal to all the women, it is easy to say ‘no’ than you imagine. I too was sent to a shady looking place once with 2 colleagues. I refused to go there the second time. Till date I refuse to go to that area, no matter what the reason. I had an option to give my  MBA exams there because it was nearer to my house. But I chose to go all the way to Borivali for it. For the sake of my safety.

Please make the right choice. It can be life changing. Because ‘Safe India’ is a big lie and we are not there yet…


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