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I am a plus size woman and I want more

I have been trying to shop for days now. Trying why? Why not really shopping? Because none of these so called good brands have anything that gets me. None of them understand me.

I have been like this for 2 decades now. First, a plump kid and now I am a plus size woman. For all I know I will be like this forever. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like nice things. I love nice things too, like a woman who is thinner. Every where I go, all I get to hear is “Aapke Size ka nahi hai madam”. What is MY size? Am I a Godzilla? Do I need a 100 meter clothing to cover my body? Then why can’t they add a few inches in the same outfit and make it larger? There are plenty of plus size women in India but hardly any brand that understand our needs.

If you think all the nice things are for the lean and shapely people then I have news for you. All plus size women also like really nice things. Here are some things that might help the brands, retailers and designers and (salesmen) to become a little more aware of us. All that brands have done till now has not really helped us. Instead of cribbing, I thought let me tell you exactly what we want.

We want clothes that fit us

By fitting I do not mean by clothes that hang on us. I mean real fitting. They should fit rightly near the breasts, the hips, the bottom and the thighs. It shouldn’t look like we are wearing gunny sacks.

We want fashion

Being plus size doesn’t mean we need to be covered top to bottom. It should have some cuts and openings in the right places. We want good colours. We don’t have to wear boring and bland coloured clothes. We want clothes, short, really short, long and really long. We want fashion.


We want to feel comfortable

I hate it when salesmen and saleswomen look at me as if I walked in with three legs (I wanted to write three “something else” but I chose to be polite). When we walk into a shop we want to feel welcome. An assurance that plus size women are not actually from some other planet and that, yes, clothes of our size will be available.

We do not want to be stereotyped

The other day I was in this shop where I walked in first but the salesgirl went in to attend the lady who came in next. Why? I know why. Because clothes her size would be easily available. Why waste time on me when she knows I won’t find anything? She was totally damn wrong. I helped myself and found a perfect fit. In the same shop. What saddens me is this attitude. She assumed that I won’t find anything that fits me. That’s the stereotype I am talking about.

We are different kinds of women

Plus size women are not all same. Some are bustier, some have heavy bottoms, some have a little meat around the belly. Our requirements are thus different. When I try on clothes, anything I find does not fit me; even if it is a plus size. I am heavier at the bottom and everything I try on fits correctly on the top but does not fit at the bottom. I think if brands will do a little research they will know there are many women who are like me.

We want a thrilling shopping experience

Like other women in the store we get excited when we find something we like. Alas, there is no size available. It diminishes our shopping experience dramatically. I keep walking into the shop thinking a particular thing would look great on me but it doesn’t fit. Result? I walk out empty handed and disappointed. All the freaking time. Imagine we walking in like  this in multiple shops and coming out empty handed. Disappointing no?

We, the plus size women too are at fault. We don’t speak up. We don’t say it when it is offensive. We don’t ask for what we are looking for. This repeated disappointment makes us feel that, no, this place is not for us and we don’t ask for it. Like I mentioned earlier about the shop where I found something that fits me, I told the salesman that I need a larger size and made him look for it in his store room. Sometimes, they do not put it on display, for god knows what reason but they have what you want.

Girls, you can add to what I just wrote. Let the world know that you want fashion. You want to flaunt and shop like crazy. If you write a blog about it, I want to know. If you want to talk about it tweet to me @TinyVibha. I would love to know what you feel.


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