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Baby name dilemma

I was talking to a friend who is pregnant. She says the best thing about being pregnant is that she can just sit around all day and watch movies that she has missed her entire life. She does not have to do the chores. She can load on carb food and everything she craves for. Not picking up heavy stuff. Things are so slow that she is having the time of her life as she was a very busy professional once.

But there was one thing she dreaded the most. To my surprise it was the dilemma of naming the baby. She has searched so many websites and talked to so many friends. She has gone to the extent of remembering all her friends’ names so that she could steal one of those. One girl name and one boy name. Unlike our parents’ generation, she is thinking of all the nicknames that people might end up calling the baby or tease him or her with, in the school. She doesn’t want her baby to hate her for naming him/her wrongly.

Then in India, there is a tradition of looking at Kundali and shortlisting 3 letters from which the name can begin. Mine was V, B, or U. Although, my friend doesn’t believe in all this, she is expecting a lot of opposition.

Apart from the family, the husband is another obstacle. He has a very different set of names that he likes and she does not.

The plan is to wait for the baby and then decide. It worries her that in all the excitement and exhaustion she will end up naming the baby something and then regret.

Tough call eh mamma?


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