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Are your parents pressurising you to get married?

If yes, then there is nothing much you can do about it than making faces. A young, eligible for marriage girl is like a ticking bomb. Parents just want her to get her married. Parents have a hundred ideas from a hundred people on how to approach this issue. Yes, mostly it is an issue. And if you finally give into one method, they drop it.

In many Indian families, parents start looking for a groom the moment the girl turns 18. Pathetic, right? But that is the truth. I think I had just entered college then. Can you cross-question them? No. They have your responsibility. Big one. And you can’t deny that they are worried whether you will get a good husband or not. So you really can’t help it. Feel the brunt of it and live.

So what do you do? As far as I know, you can’t do anything. If you know then tell me. It will be a great favour.


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4 thoughts on “Are your parents pressurising you to get married?

  1. Keep yourself busy with life’s goals like education and work till you think you can marry.. that’s all I can think of right now..

  2. over one year.. I’m logging in to my account.. guess I had a change of opinion..
    It’s not about marriage (I’m not married)
    It’s about companionship, sharing & caring, love and understanding..
    It’s much more than that people actually fail to see..
    but that’s what I think it will be after I’ve seen all the couples I’ve seen these years.. a change of opinion I think, change is good..

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