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The Honest Cabbie

It had only been a couple of weeks since I lodged a complaint against a dishonest cabbie in Mumbai on the 1800 number. I have doubted every taxi wala since then. My eyes are always on the meter, on the road and the navigation on my phone. I thought these cabbies are not worth trusting. Then something happened that was heart warming and brought some hope that there still are some good cabbies in Mumbai.

My colleague was travelling to office in a cab the other day. She got off and went to her office like usual. The moment she reached office she realised that she had left the office laptop in the cab. There was no hope of it getting back. She lodged an FIR anyway but her heart was heavy because she lost the office laptop. For 2 days she was in great tension, dreading what happened, every moment.

Then something happened that I couldn’t have believed if she wouldn’t have told me herself. This is what happened. The cabbie called her informing her that the laptop is with him. How he found her number is another great story. The cabbie found out about the laptop when he picked up his next passenger after her. He carried it around all day but then he gave it to his son to see if he can find out who this belonged to. The son tried but the laptop was password protected. He took it to his friend who works in an IT department for some firm. He found out my colleague’s name and looked up on the internet. They came across a CV she had uploaded on some portal and called her up!

It was a miracle no one could believe. She went to him and got back her laptop. She was delighted to get it back and heaved a sigh of relief. This incident was like a ray of sunshine. I might not have converted completely but the hope is still there. Kudos to the cabbie and may god bless him and his family for doing such a good deed.


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