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Kiss and Hit- Latest Bollywood trend

Have you all noticed lately that all movie trailers have one kiss scene at least. Even if that’s the only kiss scene in the entire movie.
Recently Karan Johar, film maker made a bold statement. It sounded more like what Rakhi Sawant would have said; Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai. KJo said “including kissing scenes in the promos helps get a good opening.”
While our senior actors had to hide behind the flowers new actors are smooching away on the screen. Why not? People like to see it too.
From a social media perspective, I believe their promos gets a lot of hits on YouTube. Once, it has been watched over and over again people are convinced they want to watch the movie. Thus the movie does well.
Our very own Sunny Leone tried to convince Ekta Kapoor (she wishes) that she won’t want the promos to have any explicit scenes. Let alone Ekta, even a novice like me would say, ‘Why else do you think you are in the movie, baby doll?”
Analysts have gone ahead and justified the trend. Kiss hai toh hit hai! So be ready to see a lot more smooching in the trailers while I have to figure where I want to hide my face while watching the promos when parents are around.
Another small observation. The walking dead promos with a lot of clips of zombies, has a kiss scene in between the scenes of ugly looking zombies trying to kill people. What the heck, kiss hai toh hit hai boss!


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