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Fashion changes every season, style is eternal

Believe me or not, fashion industry has gone completely out of hand. Every 2-3 months there is something new in shops for you to buy. There are glossy magazines who then push you to change your wardrobe and your look to stay in trend. There are friends who constantly talk about what’s new in fashion and, they look at you with that look (you know what I mean) if you have not adopted it already. And all this drama for what? To change your look again in 2-3 months?

I am sorry but I do not have the inclination, time, money and energy for all this. And, oh my god, there are these girls who belong to fashionable clan who are constantly upgrading themselves. My office is in a mall and I have been seeing such trends since past 2 yrs now. Suddenly, every girl in the mall looks identical to each other. As if they were mass produced in some factory. What happened to the revolution of ‘standing out in a crowd’?

The latest eye soar was neon colored clothes. Thank god it is out of fashion already. The most recent is printed leggings. Another eye soar. The thing is, if one or two person in a crowd wear weird stuff, it is hardly ever noticeable. But the clan has to follow the latest ‘in thing’, isn’t it? This article won’t be complete if I do not mention ‘Short Shorts’. It is a clothing that people have the audacity to call a ‘bottom wear’. All it covers is the circumference of your buttocks. Give me a break. Men’s boxers are longer than that!

In this age where I get a cultural shock in my own city, I cannot help but admire women who are unaffected by constant change in fashion. Like me, they don’t care what is in and what is not. If it works for you, I don’t see harm in carrying it year on year. If it fits you, suits you and makes you feel comfortable then why be pressurised by what fashionistas have to say? There is not need to put on stilettos (which is a pain) and change to flat (with much relief, I suppose) whenever these fashion magazines ask you to.

I love film star Rekha, Vidya Balan, Michelle Obama, who are public figures and powerful women and do not care what fashion police think. Look at Sheryl Sandburg. She is in her formal best wherever she goes. She looks stunning in them. These women might not be keeping a track of latest fashion but they most definitely have a style. A style of their own, a style that talks for themselves. And it takes guts to stand against the wave. Girls, if your are ever pressurised by someone to change into the new ‘in thing’, tell them this ‘Fashion changes every season, style is eternal’.


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