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Why I love Calvin and Hobbes?

I love Calvin and Hobbes . I think it has remained one of the most adorable comic strips of our time. The six year old notorious kid talking to a stuffed Tiger, Hobbes, is just cute. He doesn’t just discuss the things around him; the six year old often talks about the meaning of life. His adventures and mischievousness was of stuff of legend. The creator, Bill Watterson, created over 3000 strips and then refused to sell the license. Mr. Watterson, I know where Calvin and Hobbes get their ideas from.

Bill was clearly a great observer. I used to look for the comic strip pages on Sundays initially for that 3-4 block strip. Then newspapers made it a daily listing on one of the lifestyle supplements. Today I go to to read Calvin and Hobbes. For 30 secs you are in a happy place. Bill had this ability to get into deeper meanings of life yet expressing it in a light-hearted way through Calvin and more mature way through Hobbes. Calvin had this amazing view of this world that only he can think of. Unending world of Utopia that is like magic!

I have heard there’s going to be a movie or is it in already? But the magic this comic strip used to create has bonded a whole generation. We have learned about life, happiness, sorrow, importance of friendship and most of all, the power of our imagination.

There are more reasons for liking the comic strip than discovering the meaning of life. Here’s a few-

The tree house club-

The conversations Calvin and Hobbes used to have in the tree house has had me laughing out loud. The way Hobbes was a ladies’ tiger and how Calvin used to gross out by the girls is unforgettable. Hobbes being a stuffed tiger, that is an alter ego of Calvin himself, is so suave at times. Yet they used to end up arguing and fighting over issues.

Calvin Imagination –

He would sit on a plank and imagine it to be a plane. He would throw mud and imagine it to be snow. His idea of imagining the stuffed toy as a real tiger is so cool. There have been strips where he has imagined his mother or himself to be a dinosaur. He was a super-hero at times. And my favourite was changing-into-some-other-animal-machine. I cannot imagine how someone can imagine like this. Still adore it.

The Expressions –

Do you remember the ”blech!” face when he gets served something healthy at the dinner table? Do you remember Hobbes’s mile-wide grin when he gets a kiss from Susie? All those expressions just did not need any dialogues.

I can say it is still my favourite strip followed by Garfield. I wish our next generation get to see more strips like this and keep inspiring more kids.


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