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Summer is here! Tips to beat the heat.

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Matter of Opinion

Summer is finally here. It is time to take out your Scarf, cap and sunscreen. Seems summers in Mumbai have started a bit too early and heat is already getting onto me. Although, I am not the cautious kinds, I find a desperate need to follow some tips to keep myself away from heat. No matter where you live in Mumbai, the energy crunch will affect you all summer. The most important thing is to do is to listen to your body.

Here are a few tips to stay hydrated and cool.

1)    Rest Periodically: If your work demands you to travel then take sufficient rest under the tree-shade or at any such cooler places. This will keep you relaxed and hydrated. Once you feel alright and recharged, you may carry on.

2)    Change Your Wardrobe: It is important that you dress in the light coloured clothes in…

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