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Will Work For Food (Diet Food)

It has been long since I last posted and I was wondering what am I doing to be so busy. Well, I certainly am trying to lose weight. Not successfully maybe, but I am trying. Exercise was never my thing, so I have resorted to diet. I followed it religiously for a week and then came my birthday. All hell broke lose. And I have not been able to get back to it completely.

Just wanted to share this experience with you guys. Diet helps. Not too many people have noticed that I have lost a little weight but I have. Since, I am not here to prove anything to anybody I do not bother if people are really noticing. If you think diet is not your thing you should see a dietitian. I too believed I can’t do it but it is easier than you think it is. Of course, you have to give up a lot of carbs and fried foods and sugars but the results are rewarding.

I can slip into an older top which was slightly tight 3 months back. It is not much, right? But at least I can get into it perfectly now. The effect would be gradual but I ll get there. 

Another benefit, skin has improved because of healthy eating. Have not eating processed food for weeks and that feels amazing.

Have been working towards this. Wish I can do it more sincerely. Well, at least I have started of.

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