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Life Lessons from Mowgli

My parents used to be always irritated by the fact that I used to watch cartoons all day long. They believed that watching news channels or Discovery channel or Nat Geo would have contributed to my personality. It would have built my character. But I always watched cartoons. Given a chance I will still watch. Little did my parents know that some cartoons have taught me some great life lessons that non-fiction channel could never have.

Do you guys remember Mowgli? It used to be my favourite. In early 90s there weren’t too many cartoon merchandises. The most you could get was Micky Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons. I never was a stubborn kid but I had almost cried my eyes out to get Mowgli notebook stickers. Yes, I saw them in a shop and I wanted it. I remember that I made my father stick those over the stickers that were already on the notebooks, since it was middle of the year. I used the same book cover for three years straight for different books by over-writing the standard and division on it.

I didn’t realise it then but my attachment to Mowgli was because of much deeper reasons that entertainment. The cartoon series taught me crucial lessons which I still remember and rather relate to, now better than earlier.

Life Lesson 1: Be careful who you trust.

Remember that snake who used to hypnotise Mowgli? That means we should be careful around people like that before trusting them.

Life Lesson 2: Laughing is blessing

I remember how Mowgli used to laugh. Loudly! He used to shake completely. It changes your mood. Makes you believe that tomorrow will better than today. So just laugh it out loud.

Life Lesson  3: What is right is not always easy

It is hard to face the truth and do what is right. You will always find yourself in a situation where you know what is right but it would come with a set of obstacles to test you. Remember, it may not be easy but do what is right always. Papa Bear had set a good example then

Life Lesson 4: Be fearless if you know you are right

Bageera was never afraid of anyone. He had taken an oath to protect the little human baby and he did what it took to do so.

Life Lesson 5: Dance like crazy

Really. That is one lesson I followed even when I was a kid. Papa Bear or Balloo and the Monkey used to be so happy dancing care freely. Put on some costume also if you want. Nothing like a crazy dance to cheer you up

Life Lesson 6: Always keep your chin up

Mowgli has had more disappointing days that anybody in the jungle. The very fact that he didn’t actually belong there was a reason why he was on constant conquest. But he always had his friends around. Hence, he used to never be sad for  too long. He always started afresh.

Life Lesson 7: Count on your friends

Friends play a very important part in our lives. What we do not share with our parents, children and spouse we share with them. And they only come to our rescue and never judge us. We can be rest assured that no matter what happens our friends will always be there.

Life Lesson 8: Never break a coconut with your head

It taught us that we can’t break or fight a hard thing with something softer. You need to be rought sometimes to solve hard situations. If not you will only end up getting hurt.


And of course, cartoons can help build our personality as well. Which is your favourite cartoon?

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