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Demotivating lock down note

(Following are my personal opinions. This is not a reflection on anyone or any situation in particular. However, the situation is not imaginary and I am writing because I thought it was really required to)
Dear All,
Let not the ‘Pressure to be Productive’ become another Mental Pandemic…..
Do not be pressured by the need to be productive during this lock down. Yes, it seems like you have more time in hand because you are not stepping out of your homes. However, do not forget, you are cooking, cleaning, taking on more in terms of child care and also have to complete your office tasks.
It is okay to not know what you want to do. Does the whole world know at this moment, what is going to happen to them in next few months? Then, why do you have this unrealistic expectation about yourself? Sure, this is a time to reflect but not a compulsion.
It is okay to not learn a new skill. Did you burn the chapati today, that is okay. You tried. You don’t feel like trying again for a while? That is fine too. Your training chapters have not moved in last 7 days? It is okay. You could not get yourself to exercise? It is okay. You started a #21DayChallenge but couldn’t complete? It is OKAY. You tried.
Some of us have a compulsive need to be productive, add value to every hour we put into something and be perfect in everything! Yes, I am also one of them but that should not put a pressure on others who don’t think the same way. I have a very unstable mind due to this and so do most of the other people like me.
While the world is going through a pandemic it is okay to be not productive, learn a new skill or even skip a bath or so.
With so much of tension around in the world where millions are suffering and are scared for their lives, it is okay if you are not able to make the most delicious dishes at home or paint the best painting. Some of these activities are therapy for some. It should not make you feel any less regarding yourself.
Do not think of playing or reading with your kid as ‘NOTHING’. Do not think of housework as nothing. You are doing your bit and you are doing enough and more.
When people are giving motivational speeches, pushing people to be productive and making the most of these lock down days, I am giving a DEMOTIVATING speech. I urge you to calm out, slow down, meditate, breath, drink water, eat properly and spend time doing what you like the most. Do not compare yourself with anyone and do what you want to do and not what everyone else is doing.

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