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A blog about thoughts, fear, happiness, regret, ambition, anger and all the emotions you could think of.


Hello Readers,

Thank you for stopping by. I love to write when I feel strongly about something. Do leave your feedback. I love feedbacks!

Happy Reading!

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Deepak on said:

    Hi Vibha, i am a journalist and i liked your “My Shortcoming” blog.

  2. Keep writing Vibha…

    Choose a nice theme though 🙂 All the best!


    • Thank you so much for going through my blog. I appreciate that. I have to choose a better theme. But I like this one because it doesnt hamper reading 🙂 thats the only concern

  3. Enjoyed your article “My First Love” .. Nice ending.. You’re a nice writer.. I wish you all the luck 🙂

  4. I came across your blog. Looks nice.

    You should be editing this page…

  5. Sanya Bhutani on said:

    Nice blog Vibha, I was very sad tonight, but after reading few things in your blog made me smile and gave me an idea of writing myself bcz m also vvvv chatty n ppl say m articulate 🙂 so should start writing. Any tips ???

    • Hello Sanya,

      That was very sweet of you. You made my day too. Sadly, I am no professional writer. So won’t be able to impart any tips. All I can say is, do not think whether people will read or whether they will judge you for what you have written. Just go ahead and pour your heart out. Your thoughts are your property and people can accept or deny if they may. You write what you like.

      All the best. Do let me know when you start. Will love to read 🙂

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