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Anyone but Me

Could I have been a doctor,

Could I have been a multi-millionaire,

Could I have been an astronaut,

Could I have been an artist,

Could I have been anyone but me?

Would it matter if I was working in defence,

Would it matter if I was a great chef,

Would it matter if I were a social worker,

Would it make me a better person,

Could I be anyone but me?

Could I have rather danced all day,

Could I have rather given speeches,

Could I have rather done yoga for a living,

Could I be anyone but me?

The thought makes me crazy,

That sometimes I don’t want to be me.

Is there anyone who thinks the same,

Who want to change their being, change their name.

But every time I so fall in love with me,

I don’t want to be anyone but me.


Men will be Men

No matter how grown up they are,

They are boyish; they are childish,

They will throw tantrums, catch you by surprise,

They will do everything you despise,

Men will be men.


They will forget your birthdays and anniversaries,

But they will put you out of your misery,

They will melt your heart in seconds,

With their smiles, sweet and gingery.

Men will be men.


They will be all bossy at work,

But they will be your pet at home,

Your heart will bubble up with light sweet foam,

What more do you need then,

As men will be men.


They will insist on walking to side of the road,

Where cars speed, dashing with a roar,

They will stand in the sun to give you shade,

They will do it even if it is clichéd,

But men will be men.


They were told not to cry,

They were told to be brave,

They will shed a tear alone,

And not share their sorrows again,

But men will be men.


Our strength, our courage, our pet, our care taker,

Things will have to go through them before they harm us,

These mischief makers will never change,

Why should I not hold them close then?

Because men will be men.








Love never dies

We as humans, love. We have a capacity of loving anything and everything. It is very natural. We too have a capacity to fall out of love. And we do that more often than we think we do. It is scary but it is the reality. You find yourself not feeling anything for people you loved once so much. This applies to the things you love as well. I was so much in love with the toys on my work desk that I secretly used to talk to them when no one was looking. Now they are packed up in a box and I do not even remember the time they were on my desk. It is difficult to tell why parents submerge themselves in their interest for cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and neglect their kids altogether. Why do couples, once in love can’t stand each other after a few years? How do they forget what they once shared?

Falling in love is like a dream but our ability to fall out of it is like a nightmare.

Some people give into the hatred and dislike and, some initiate this act of creating the wall between the two. Spouse, siblings, friends, neighbours all of us are only a little away from changing our love into hatred. We think shutting off the person will end the problem, will help you get control of your feelings and surroundings. We just make it worse. We are creating a war within us. The revenge, the agony, it kills us. Why then we not give love a chance? Why do we act rude to something we couldn’t part with earlier? Why is there a competition amongst you on who did how much or what, for the other?

Give love a chance. Give each other a chance. Give this world a chance. Hatred doesn’t solve anything. You will agree that, two filthy hands can’t wash one another clean. It will only make your life mucky and unclear. When I see people fight, my imagination just goes wild. I imagine 2 dogs barking at each other. Aren’t we different then that?

Dear Santa, I wish we all learn to love each other. It is easy and natural. Let people’s heart grow closer to each other. Let everybody appreciate each other for what they are. Everyone in our lives are important. Mostly, give us strength to fight anything that grows inside us that leads to hatred.

Love will live forever. Love never fails us. Love never dies.

RIP Humanity- The darkest day in Peshawar

The children might have woken up to their mother’s voice. Eaten their favourite breakfast. She might have dressed her son, perfecting his tie. She might have tied a pigtail for her pretty daughter. She might have loved them more than ever. She might have wanted to hold them a little longer like she feels like every morning. Her little angels. Little did she know that her tiny angels will never come back. That they will be shot in their head by some merciless creatures; who did not hesitate for even a bit.

What a horrifying day in the history of humanity! What were they thinking? Were a even thinking? Couldn’t they have changed their minds when they looked in the kids’ eyes. Innocent little children. What was their fault? Why has revenge become bigger than people and mercy?
It is a shame that innocent people are still paying price of somebody’s wrong doings. But children? How could they possibly even point the gun at those kids? They were not even worth threatening with a lethal weapon like that. Head shots?
I froze the moment I heard the news. I was terrified when I read the details. Minutes after the incident the pictures showed a very nightmare-ish situation. I wished it was just a nightmare. We are so used to despise Pakistan that I thought, whatever wrong may happen to them; it will never affect me. I just wanted to run and hold on to a kid and cry.
No human deserves to be killed like this. It is no different for any child, anyone. These representatives of devils! Die in hell. Burn in hell you monsters!


Life Lessons from Mowgli

My parents used to be always irritated by the fact that I used to watch cartoons all day long. They believed that watching news channels or Discovery channel or Nat Geo would have contributed to my personality. It would have built my character. But I always watched cartoons. Given a chance I will still watch. Little did my parents know that some cartoons have taught me some great life lessons that non-fiction channel could never have.

Do you guys remember Mowgli? It used to be my favourite. In early 90s there weren’t too many cartoon merchandises. The most you could get was Micky Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons. I never was a stubborn kid but I had almost cried my eyes out to get Mowgli notebook stickers. Yes, I saw them in a shop and I wanted it. I remember that I made my father stick those over the stickers that were already on the notebooks, since it was middle of the year. I used the same book cover for three years straight for different books by over-writing the standard and division on it.

I didn’t realise it then but my attachment to Mowgli was because of much deeper reasons that entertainment. The cartoon series taught me crucial lessons which I still remember and rather relate to, now better than earlier.

Life Lesson 1: Be careful who you trust.

Remember that snake who used to hypnotise Mowgli? That means we should be careful around people like that before trusting them.

Life Lesson 2: Laughing is blessing

I remember how Mowgli used to laugh. Loudly! He used to shake completely. It changes your mood. Makes you believe that tomorrow will better than today. So just laugh it out loud.

Life Lesson  3: What is right is not always easy

It is hard to face the truth and do what is right. You will always find yourself in a situation where you know what is right but it would come with a set of obstacles to test you. Remember, it may not be easy but do what is right always. Papa Bear had set a good example then

Life Lesson 4: Be fearless if you know you are right

Bageera was never afraid of anyone. He had taken an oath to protect the little human baby and he did what it took to do so.

Life Lesson 5: Dance like crazy

Really. That is one lesson I followed even when I was a kid. Papa Bear or Balloo and the Monkey used to be so happy dancing care freely. Put on some costume also if you want. Nothing like a crazy dance to cheer you up

Life Lesson 6: Always keep your chin up

Mowgli has had more disappointing days that anybody in the jungle. The very fact that he didn’t actually belong there was a reason why he was on constant conquest. But he always had his friends around. Hence, he used to never be sad for  too long. He always started afresh.

Life Lesson 7: Count on your friends

Friends play a very important part in our lives. What we do not share with our parents, children and spouse we share with them. And they only come to our rescue and never judge us. We can be rest assured that no matter what happens our friends will always be there.

Life Lesson 8: Never break a coconut with your head

It taught us that we can’t break or fight a hard thing with something softer. You need to be rought sometimes to solve hard situations. If not you will only end up getting hurt.


And of course, cartoons can help build our personality as well. Which is your favourite cartoon?

Interesting stories behind Ganpati’s figure

Ganpati or Ganapati is also called as Gajanana which means the one with an elephant head. Out of all the Hindu gods we commonly know, I find his head very peculiar. Since he is what we call ‘our family god’ I have been very curious about his appearance since a kid. How did he end up with an elephant head? This is my most favourite part amongst all interesting Ganesha stories.

Goddess Parvati, Shiva’s wife and Ganapati’s mother wanted someone to keep guard as she went for a bath. She used turmeric paste that she has applied to her body and a moulded a son for herself. Some versions of this story say that she used her body dirt to make the body of her son.

She asked him to guard the doorway and not let anyone in until she asks him. As she goes for the bath Shiva appears at the doorway. In order to obey his mother Ganesh does not allow him to enter. Shiva becomes furious and beheads Ganesh.

Parvati finds out about it and becomes angry at Shiva. She demands Shiva to bring Ganesh to life. Shiva gives into Parvati’s demands and asks his Ganas – the soldier to get the head of the first animal they find. There was one condition though. It had to be facing north. (Love the kind of detailing our mythological stories have)

Parvati’s son was thus brought to life. He was now the one with elephant head.

Image Source:

What’s with Ganpati’s big belly?

After the face, the next thing a person might observe is the big protruding belly. In different versions people say it means prosperity (that is what we plump people use as an excuse for being fat) and some say it represents the universe. 

There is another longish story around Kubera, who is supposedly Ravana and Kumbakaran’s half brother. He was very pompous and arrogant because of the wealth he had accumulated. In order to exhibit his wealth he called Shiva and Parvati for a dinner treat. Since Mahadev or Shiva knew of his intentions he sent Ganesha instead. 

Kubera, out of his arrogance declared that Ganesha can eat how much ever he wants. There won’t be any shortage. But Ganapati’s hunger at dinner was insatiable. He kept eating from the big platters that were served to him. Kubera was soon out of food. So Ganesha started eating his furniture and other things in Kubera’s house. 

Kubera ran to Shiva for help. Shiva said, the only way to stop Ganesha was to feed him with a handful of rice with humility. Kubera did as he was suggested and succeeded in stopping him from eating up the house. He also learnt an important lesson. But because of eating so much in small span of time, Ganesha got a protruding belly.

Image Source:

Why does Ganpati have one broken tusk?

 Ganesha is also called Ekdanta – the one-toothed, because he has one broken tusk.

The story related to this has a reference to Mahabharata. Ved Vyas, was to write Mahabharata. He asked Ganesha is he would help him write it down as he narrates the epic story. Ganapati agreed instantly.

There was a condition though. Ved Vyas would continuously narrate the story. Ganesha has to first understand and only then write it and not take down mere dictations. Ganpati realised that this is no ordinary story and thought that no pen could be apt enough to write it down. He broke one of his tusks and started writing. 

There are a lot of versions for this though. Some said he lost the tooth in a fight with Pashuram. Ganpati did not fight it out of respect for the weapon Parush (axe) bestowed to Parshuram by his father Shiva. Instead he took it on the tusk when Parshuram threw it on him while he was guarding the door. 

Some say he broke the tooth because actual pen broke while writing Mahabharata and he was not supposed to stop while Ved Vyas narrated.

Image Source:

There are so many stories about Ganapati that are very interesting but I cannot put them in one article. Do share your favourite ones. Happy Ganesh Festival everyone!



Beautiful Quotes by Robin Williams

Robin Williams has been making all of us laugh since god knows when. I am very sad for our loss. I will remember him for his wittiness and his full of life attitude. He has not only made us happy but has taught so many things about life, in general. Here are a some of my favorite quotes by him.

“There is still a lot to learn, and there is always great stuff out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.”

“Poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for.”

“What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.”

“Reality… what a concept!”

“You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”

Will Work For Food (Diet Food)

It has been long since I last posted and I was wondering what am I doing to be so busy. Well, I certainly am trying to lose weight. Not successfully maybe, but I am trying. Exercise was never my thing, so I have resorted to diet. I followed it religiously for a week and then came my birthday. All hell broke lose. And I have not been able to get back to it completely.

Just wanted to share this experience with you guys. Diet helps. Not too many people have noticed that I have lost a little weight but I have. Since, I am not here to prove anything to anybody I do not bother if people are really noticing. If you think diet is not your thing you should see a dietitian. I too believed I can’t do it but it is easier than you think it is. Of course, you have to give up a lot of carbs and fried foods and sugars but the results are rewarding.

I can slip into an older top which was slightly tight 3 months back. It is not much, right? But at least I can get into it perfectly now. The effect would be gradual but I ll get there. 

Another benefit, skin has improved because of healthy eating. Have not eating processed food for weeks and that feels amazing.

Have been working towards this. Wish I can do it more sincerely. Well, at least I have started of.

“Expectations are the root of all heartache” – William Shakespeare

I totally agree with you dude…

Is it supposed to work like that always? Every time I expect something it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to be. I just get so upset that it is appalling. I snap. I know why I am angry. People think it is unfair. Either I shouldn’t expect anything or not feel bad when it does not turn out right. But I know better than that. What about the time when people expect things from me? Why should I go the extra mile to fulfill what others expect of me? Why can’t I, for a change let you be angry and take you granted? Because I just can’t.

The books about ‘accepting everything the way it comes’ is total bull crap. Do not expect anything and you are awesome. Right? No. I do not know how I would have performed better in exams if my parents would have not expected it from me. I do not know how I would have fought the fear of height if my coach would have not expected me to. How would I have done anything if people would have not expected it from me?

I doubt myself sometimes. Even if I am doing  a selfless act I sometimes feel I am expecting something in return. That would be so wrong. I mean to say, expecting is human nature. It happens consciously or unconsciously. It is the motivation to do things. It is the bond we have that we do not realise. We are not all saints. Please.

I know I think a lot but I have my justifications. Doesn’t mean I have to justify. The kindness and goodness of my heart is adulterated by a million expectations. I become sad. Withdraw myself from the goodness. That is even worse. Because I am not meeting even my expectations from myself. I want to be the go-to person for my friends. I love it and am always satisfied doing so.

Between this war of my expectations from me and from others, makes me a very confused person. I hold back a lot of goodness that I can give just because I was disappointed. Then I do stupid things like listening to songs like “Heal the world”, “Sunscreen”, “It’s a beautiful life”. By the way they are good songs. You should listen. Then I force a smile. My cheeks ache. More than that, my heart aches. I cry. Drop a tear or two and come back to life.

I become fine again but my expectations from others drop each time this happens and my expectations from me increases even more. People would say that I should check the reason every time I do something. But I don’t want to. I want to be my selfless self. But believe me it is difficult to bounce back. It hurts but I can’t put the feeling in words. You ask me what happened, I won’t be able to put my finger on it. But if people do not fulfill my expectations at least I should fulfill my expectations from myself.

So here I am. After 500 words of blabbering, I am still the same, will still be. Will try to be happy and continue to expect and be sad and bounce back. I believe the right thing to do is HOPE and not EXPECT. That sounds like a wise man advice.


*Forcing an ear to ear smile* 🙂

Have a good day!


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