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Twitter 101: Discover, learn and use Twitter (Part 1)

What is Twitter?

Simply put, it is a micro-blogging network which is real time and is limited to 140 characters per post. You can share videos and pictures as well. Most people might have heard about the site but few people understand its benefits. Twitter is used by different people for different purposes. There are endless examples. Let us know more about Twitter.

Watch this video to get a better idea of what Twitter is all about


Evolution of Twitter

Twitter has been around since 2006 and since then it has changed a lot. With new interfaces rolled out time and again, Twitter experience has enhanced over a period of time. It has gone from “What are you doing?” to “What’s going on?”. Twitter has become a source of information on endless topics and real time that! People have been sharing relevant information, keeping people updated about traffic or weather conditions, connected and helped crowd sourcing, and engaging in interesting conversations. Many people now go to Twitter to find out what is happening around the world or in their field of interest. It is more than just a social network.


Consider this while Signing Up

Your Twitter profile is public. You should consider how you want  to be perceived by others. This is how the world will see you. Hence, give it a thought before you sign up.

Twitter Handle: Since, the profile is public do not give out your full name, preferably. Your Twitter handle says a lot about it. Make sure it is quirky, simple to understand and unique. It is your first impression when you engage in conversations with someone.

Profile Picture: It should represent what you want people to perceive about you. If you are on Twitter for professional purpose then the picture should be more professional than casual. A picture with you vacationing somewhere will be inappropriate. Similarly, if you want to send out a message that you are on Twitter for fun then upload an interesting picture of yours from places where you go for fun. If you are here to promote an NGO show put a picture where you are seen helping someone. If you want to protect your identity then do not upload your own picture. Upload abstract pictures. However, remember that people tend to connect with real people on Twitter than with random pictures.

Bio: This a quick introduction to who you are what your interests are. You cannot write very descriptive introduction because of lack of space. Hence, you have to be smart in using the space and yet able to attract new followers. You need to build an image for yourself. Some people only add a one-liner that is humorous, some add their professional and education achievements, some write their hobbies. You can add your website details if you are on Twitter for business. Do not give out your personal information like phone number and address. You can give the same in case you are a business.

Following: You can start following people the moment you sign up. Other people can see who you are following as well. You can be selective in who you are following depending upon your interest. Your timeline is your responsibility. Content from people you follow shapes your timeline. If your timeline is getting boring probably you need to follow some interesting Twitter handles. People also follow movie celebrity, music celebrity, sports celebrity to keep themselves updated about their lives. Your following list reflects on the kind of person you are.

List: A list is simply that. If you have identified 10 people who are experts in education or sports or movies or outings, you can create a list of those people and keep. You can refer to them when you have news or information specific to that industry whom you want to tweet to.


Think before you tweet:

Tweets that are racists, sexist and offensive in nature to any gender, caste or religion can create a bad impression about you. We do tend to find some inappropriate jokes funny but it can seriously hurt someone’s feelings or ego and can harm your reputation in turn. Twitter is about connecting, sharing information that can be of help or things that can make people aware or bring happiness. Hence, resist to tweet or retweet anything inappropriate even though it is encouraged by a few of your followers

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Life Lessons from Mowgli

My parents used to be always irritated by the fact that I used to watch cartoons all day long. They believed that watching news channels or Discovery channel or Nat Geo would have contributed to my personality. It would have built my character. But I always watched cartoons. Given a chance I will still watch. Little did my parents know that some cartoons have taught me some great life lessons that non-fiction channel could never have.

Do you guys remember Mowgli? It used to be my favourite. In early 90s there weren’t too many cartoon merchandises. The most you could get was Micky Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons. I never was a stubborn kid but I had almost cried my eyes out to get Mowgli notebook stickers. Yes, I saw them in a shop and I wanted it. I remember that I made my father stick those over the stickers that were already on the notebooks, since it was middle of the year. I used the same book cover for three years straight for different books by over-writing the standard and division on it.

I didn’t realise it then but my attachment to Mowgli was because of much deeper reasons that entertainment. The cartoon series taught me crucial lessons which I still remember and rather relate to, now better than earlier.

Life Lesson 1: Be careful who you trust.

Remember that snake who used to hypnotise Mowgli? That means we should be careful around people like that before trusting them.

Life Lesson 2: Laughing is blessing

I remember how Mowgli used to laugh. Loudly! He used to shake completely. It changes your mood. Makes you believe that tomorrow will better than today. So just laugh it out loud.

Life Lesson  3: What is right is not always easy

It is hard to face the truth and do what is right. You will always find yourself in a situation where you know what is right but it would come with a set of obstacles to test you. Remember, it may not be easy but do what is right always. Papa Bear had set a good example then

Life Lesson 4: Be fearless if you know you are right

Bageera was never afraid of anyone. He had taken an oath to protect the little human baby and he did what it took to do so.

Life Lesson 5: Dance like crazy

Really. That is one lesson I followed even when I was a kid. Papa Bear or Balloo and the Monkey used to be so happy dancing care freely. Put on some costume also if you want. Nothing like a crazy dance to cheer you up

Life Lesson 6: Always keep your chin up

Mowgli has had more disappointing days that anybody in the jungle. The very fact that he didn’t actually belong there was a reason why he was on constant conquest. But he always had his friends around. Hence, he used to never be sad for  too long. He always started afresh.

Life Lesson 7: Count on your friends

Friends play a very important part in our lives. What we do not share with our parents, children and spouse we share with them. And they only come to our rescue and never judge us. We can be rest assured that no matter what happens our friends will always be there.

Life Lesson 8: Never break a coconut with your head

It taught us that we can’t break or fight a hard thing with something softer. You need to be rought sometimes to solve hard situations. If not you will only end up getting hurt.


And of course, cartoons can help build our personality as well. Which is your favourite cartoon?

Interesting stories behind Ganpati’s figure

Ganpati or Ganapati is also called as Gajanana which means the one with an elephant head. Out of all the Hindu gods we commonly know, I find his head very peculiar. Since he is what we call ‘our family god’ I have been very curious about his appearance since a kid. How did he end up with an elephant head? This is my most favourite part amongst all interesting Ganesha stories.

Goddess Parvati, Shiva’s wife and Ganapati’s mother wanted someone to keep guard as she went for a bath. She used turmeric paste that she has applied to her body and a moulded a son for herself. Some versions of this story say that she used her body dirt to make the body of her son.

She asked him to guard the doorway and not let anyone in until she asks him. As she goes for the bath Shiva appears at the doorway. In order to obey his mother Ganesh does not allow him to enter. Shiva becomes furious and beheads Ganesh.

Parvati finds out about it and becomes angry at Shiva. She demands Shiva to bring Ganesh to life. Shiva gives into Parvati’s demands and asks his Ganas – the soldier to get the head of the first animal they find. There was one condition though. It had to be facing north. (Love the kind of detailing our mythological stories have)

Parvati’s son was thus brought to life. He was now the one with elephant head.

Image Source:

What’s with Ganpati’s big belly?

After the face, the next thing a person might observe is the big protruding belly. In different versions people say it means prosperity (that is what we plump people use as an excuse for being fat) and some say it represents the universe. 

There is another longish story around Kubera, who is supposedly Ravana and Kumbakaran’s half brother. He was very pompous and arrogant because of the wealth he had accumulated. In order to exhibit his wealth he called Shiva and Parvati for a dinner treat. Since Mahadev or Shiva knew of his intentions he sent Ganesha instead. 

Kubera, out of his arrogance declared that Ganesha can eat how much ever he wants. There won’t be any shortage. But Ganapati’s hunger at dinner was insatiable. He kept eating from the big platters that were served to him. Kubera was soon out of food. So Ganesha started eating his furniture and other things in Kubera’s house. 

Kubera ran to Shiva for help. Shiva said, the only way to stop Ganesha was to feed him with a handful of rice with humility. Kubera did as he was suggested and succeeded in stopping him from eating up the house. He also learnt an important lesson. But because of eating so much in small span of time, Ganesha got a protruding belly.

Image Source:

Why does Ganpati have one broken tusk?

 Ganesha is also called Ekdanta – the one-toothed, because he has one broken tusk.

The story related to this has a reference to Mahabharata. Ved Vyas, was to write Mahabharata. He asked Ganesha is he would help him write it down as he narrates the epic story. Ganapati agreed instantly.

There was a condition though. Ved Vyas would continuously narrate the story. Ganesha has to first understand and only then write it and not take down mere dictations. Ganpati realised that this is no ordinary story and thought that no pen could be apt enough to write it down. He broke one of his tusks and started writing. 

There are a lot of versions for this though. Some said he lost the tooth in a fight with Pashuram. Ganpati did not fight it out of respect for the weapon Parush (axe) bestowed to Parshuram by his father Shiva. Instead he took it on the tusk when Parshuram threw it on him while he was guarding the door. 

Some say he broke the tooth because actual pen broke while writing Mahabharata and he was not supposed to stop while Ved Vyas narrated.

Image Source:

There are so many stories about Ganapati that are very interesting but I cannot put them in one article. Do share your favourite ones. Happy Ganesh Festival everyone!



Beautiful Quotes by Robin Williams

Robin Williams has been making all of us laugh since god knows when. I am very sad for our loss. I will remember him for his wittiness and his full of life attitude. He has not only made us happy but has taught so many things about life, in general. Here are a some of my favorite quotes by him.

“There is still a lot to learn, and there is always great stuff out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.”

“Poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for.”

“What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.”

“Reality… what a concept!”

“You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”

Will Work For Food (Diet Food)

It has been long since I last posted and I was wondering what am I doing to be so busy. Well, I certainly am trying to lose weight. Not successfully maybe, but I am trying. Exercise was never my thing, so I have resorted to diet. I followed it religiously for a week and then came my birthday. All hell broke lose. And I have not been able to get back to it completely.

Just wanted to share this experience with you guys. Diet helps. Not too many people have noticed that I have lost a little weight but I have. Since, I am not here to prove anything to anybody I do not bother if people are really noticing. If you think diet is not your thing you should see a dietitian. I too believed I can’t do it but it is easier than you think it is. Of course, you have to give up a lot of carbs and fried foods and sugars but the results are rewarding.

I can slip into an older top which was slightly tight 3 months back. It is not much, right? But at least I can get into it perfectly now. The effect would be gradual but I ll get there. 

Another benefit, skin has improved because of healthy eating. Have not eating processed food for weeks and that feels amazing.

Have been working towards this. Wish I can do it more sincerely. Well, at least I have started of.

“Expectations are the root of all heartache” – William Shakespeare

I totally agree with you dude…

Is it supposed to work like that always? Every time I expect something it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to be. I just get so upset that it is appalling. I snap. I know why I am angry. People think it is unfair. Either I shouldn’t expect anything or not feel bad when it does not turn out right. But I know better than that. What about the time when people expect things from me? Why should I go the extra mile to fulfill what others expect of me? Why can’t I, for a change let you be angry and take you granted? Because I just can’t.

The books about ‘accepting everything the way it comes’ is total bull crap. Do not expect anything and you are awesome. Right? No. I do not know how I would have performed better in exams if my parents would have not expected it from me. I do not know how I would have fought the fear of height if my coach would have not expected me to. How would I have done anything if people would have not expected it from me?

I doubt myself sometimes. Even if I am doing  a selfless act I sometimes feel I am expecting something in return. That would be so wrong. I mean to say, expecting is human nature. It happens consciously or unconsciously. It is the motivation to do things. It is the bond we have that we do not realise. We are not all saints. Please.

I know I think a lot but I have my justifications. Doesn’t mean I have to justify. The kindness and goodness of my heart is adulterated by a million expectations. I become sad. Withdraw myself from the goodness. That is even worse. Because I am not meeting even my expectations from myself. I want to be the go-to person for my friends. I love it and am always satisfied doing so.

Between this war of my expectations from me and from others, makes me a very confused person. I hold back a lot of goodness that I can give just because I was disappointed. Then I do stupid things like listening to songs like “Heal the world”, “Sunscreen”, “It’s a beautiful life”. By the way they are good songs. You should listen. Then I force a smile. My cheeks ache. More than that, my heart aches. I cry. Drop a tear or two and come back to life.

I become fine again but my expectations from others drop each time this happens and my expectations from me increases even more. People would say that I should check the reason every time I do something. But I don’t want to. I want to be my selfless self. But believe me it is difficult to bounce back. It hurts but I can’t put the feeling in words. You ask me what happened, I won’t be able to put my finger on it. But if people do not fulfill my expectations at least I should fulfill my expectations from myself.

So here I am. After 500 words of blabbering, I am still the same, will still be. Will try to be happy and continue to expect and be sad and bounce back. I believe the right thing to do is HOPE and not EXPECT. That sounds like a wise man advice.


*Forcing an ear to ear smile* 🙂

Have a good day!


Good thing you cry

I often find myself in awe of people who can face harsh situations without shedding a drop of tear. The max some people do is, take a deep breath, quiver the lips, resist crying and move on. They can take anything on their face; insult, anger, hurtfulness, and not a drop of tear. I really admire such people and I feel they are far stronger than I can ever be. They have complete control over their emotions and nothing can let them down.

I am an emotional freak. I can cry almost about anything. I get totally overwhelmed by a touching good deed, and that need not be done for me. I can also cry over a hurtful thing. I am emotional and criminally so. I have learned to accept that thing about me as a part of my nature. Yes, I cry a lot. Heck I cry looking at commercials of emotional nature. I think ‘Power of Dad’ by Oral-B that I saw recently was the latest one that made me teary eyed. So, we have established the fact that I can cry at the drop of a hat.

Honestly, I like that I can cry so easily.

Many a times, when I have not had people around to talk about somethings, I have reached my innermost self and talked to it while crying. I have calmed myself down and pull myself up after a good crying session. I have become very close to, and aware of my emotions by doing so. Sometimes, I wonder how people who don’t cry often handle such situations.

Well, I am comfortable with my crying habit but people around me might not be. Some people immediately try to stop you from crying. Tell you jokes or say that what’s done is done, no need to cry etc., I feel there is a need to cry whenever you feel like it. Crying in front of people or alone is your choice and convenience. Trying to stop crying has never helped me. But for the sake of people who are putting in efforts to make you feel better you can at least just hold back your tears.

Does that mean you should be ashamed of it? Does that mean you are troubling people by your crying? Does that mean you are not strong? I do not have answers to these but crying certainly helps me. Tears are my best friend in sad times like books are my best friends in leisure. I have cried on birthday surprises, unexpected gifts, small little whatsapp pings lately and of course, on sad little big things. To be who I am and being deeply touched by things around me is but human. How I react to it is my choice and nature. If you feel like crying reading this blog (or laughing at my justifications) go ahead. You are too but a human.

Rape ke liye phaansi dena galat hai – Mulayam Singh Yadav

I was shocked. I am never speechless but I was stunned by this derogatory statement made by Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Election campaigns are in full swing. There are politicians targeting women’s vote bank by promising them to provide better security. And among all this Mulayam Singh Yadav takes us all by storm. He said that he does not support the death sentence for rape convicts. He stated, “Rape ke liye phaansi dena galat hai. Ladkon se galti ho jaati hai, hum satta mein aaye to kanoon mein badlav karenge.” That means, “Boys err. You do not have have to give them death sentence. If I come to power, I will change this”

Is he on drugs? What is he trying to prove? What vote bank is he targeting? Rapists are in plenty and I hope they are not more than the women in this country. He has definitely lost that vote bank for him and his party.

I think one should make him experience what kind of heinous crime rape is. These politicians won’t know what they are talking until then.

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage – Indian Women’s Dilemma

This tug of war has been in India for ages. Thanks to Bollywood movies of 80s and 90s there has been some change in people’s mindset. The typical story of a girl and a boy falling in love and parents’ refusal due to age old hostility between two families or the economical background or just because it is a love marriage. Bollywood movies have made Indians more acceptable of marriage outside caste as well.

Yet, today every girl who is of ‘marriageable age’ has this question. Love marriage or Arranged marriage?

I am a working woman in her mid 20s and I have a bunch of single lady friends about the same age currently pondering upon the same thing. Some who already are in love know what they want but they fear to tell their parents about it. Some are really hassled thinking what would be a good choice. There is no real data here. It is about human emotions, feelings and willing to compromise and adjust with their partners. So what do women really choose? And on what basis? Also, there is this pressure when people say “When are going to get married?” It doesn’t leave you with enough time to think. You are managing your life in a city and there is constant buzz in your house about when is this girl going to settle. The thing is, women don’t really have a choice sometimes.

How much ever you want to avoid the marriage topic it will come back. And every time with added frustration. Worse is a situation where, ‘When are you getting married?” actually means, “Do you want a love marriage or arranged?” How does one decide? Love just happens, no? You don’t decide to fall in love. And if you do want a love marriage, you have someone in mind, they think you are just too young to decide who want to spend the rest of your life with. What happened to democracy? Hehehe.. That’s too much. But girls will agree with me.

Let’s see some facts- Although you do not fall in love based on data let us see some figures around arranged marriage that UNICEF had published some time ago.

Global divorce rate for arranged  marriage – 6%

Divorce rate in India – 1.1%

Am I trying to say that arranged marriage works? Am I trying to say that a match found for you by your parents can’t be wrong? Not really. But I am also not saying that all arranged marriages are forced. A lot of them are just meant to be. They find love after marriage or maybe in between their engagement and marriage. I am also not saying that love marriages don’t work. Two people who have decided to love each other, support each other can live happily together without any hassles.

The Big Question! The question still remains. Love or Arranged? Have anyone of you been able to answer this with conviction? Let me try and attempt to justify my choice here. I would prefer an arranged marriage. Why not? As an Indian woman, I have grown up with values and discipline that puts this thing in our psyche that if you are falling in love, you are breaking the rules. Culturally, I would not be accepted if I choose a path that is not meant to take. Does that mean I will blindly walk on the path I am pushed on? No.

Today, even in arranged marriages, women have a right to say no. All that the parents are expecting is that we see guys whose background they have already checked. For nothing but security. I do not have to marry the first guy who walks in with a party hat. You can have a balance of both, emotional needs and security. Indian women today have a choice of refusing the prospects on any grounds. So boys, beware!

I know a couple of friends who are rejecting guys for things like he doesn’t have a car, he is not settled in US, he is too tall, too short, too fair, too dark etc etc.  and god knows what all. It might sound bizarre. No one is perfect right? But since women these days are so qualified that they can’t compromise on somethings.

All I am trying to say here is. You can marry the first or hundred and first person you meet. Your parents are and will be worried about you. They might expect a lot of things from you as a grown up but you are their child, for life. If they are letting you choose from whatever prospect list they have, why not give it a try? You might just fall in love with someone there. As for people already in love, girls I am with you too! After all, the choice is ours.

Summer is here! Tips to beat the heat.

Reblogging: Just because it makes sense to read now!

Matter of Opinion

Summer is finally here. It is time to take out your Scarf, cap and sunscreen. Seems summers in Mumbai have started a bit too early and heat is already getting onto me. Although, I am not the cautious kinds, I find a desperate need to follow some tips to keep myself away from heat. No matter where you live in Mumbai, the energy crunch will affect you all summer. The most important thing is to do is to listen to your body.

Here are a few tips to stay hydrated and cool.

1)    Rest Periodically: If your work demands you to travel then take sufficient rest under the tree-shade or at any such cooler places. This will keep you relaxed and hydrated. Once you feel alright and recharged, you may carry on.

2)    Change Your Wardrobe: It is important that you dress in the light coloured clothes in…

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