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Rape ke liye phaansi dena galat hai – Mulayam Singh Yadav

I was shocked. I am never speechless but I was stunned by this derogatory statement made by Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Election campaigns are in full swing. There are politicians targeting women’s vote bank by promising them to provide better security. And among all this Mulayam Singh Yadav takes us all by storm. He said that he does not support the death sentence for rape convicts. He stated, “Rape ke liye phaansi dena galat hai. Ladkon se galti ho jaati hai, hum satta mein aaye to kanoon mein badlav karenge.” That means, “Boys err. You do not have have to give them death sentence. If I come to power, I will change this”

Is he on drugs? What is he trying to prove? What vote bank is he targeting? Rapists are in plenty and I hope they are not more than the women in this country. He has definitely lost that vote bank for him and his party.

I think one should make him experience what kind of heinous crime rape is. These politicians won’t know what they are talking until then.

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