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My hair, my pride

How important my hair is to me? It is like asking how important is mane to a lion. I won’t be wrong if I compare my hair to a lion’s mane. It is not a bunch of filamentous biomaterial that hangs to my scalp. I take care of it not because I have to or the hell will break lose, but because I love them. They are my pride, as I mentioned before, like a mane to a lion.

When I was a kid, my mother had put loads of effort to keep my hair nourished and shiny. Oil, reetha, shikakai and what not. My love for my hair is deeply rooted in my childhood. Now too I take good care of them. I put a scarf on my head when I sit near a window seat in trains and buses. I oil my hair every alternate day without fail. Wash them with mild shampoo and condition it. I do not blow dry it. I let them dry the natural way and do not tie them up tightly. I do not use thin rubber bands to tie my hair. I have my hand brushing though my hair all day, so that I make sure there are no tangles. I sometimes visit washroom only to see how my hair looks. And I am very possessive about them. No one gets to touch. No means no. Strictly forbidden. Teehee! I remember I have hit boys in schools for pulling my pony tail. Now you know how possessive I am about them.

I haven’t cut my hair short since a very long time now. My salon guy also knows now that he is to ‘keep the length’. I love my hair so much that I almost worship them. They are like babies to me. I nurture them, take care of them, as much as I can. All my friends know this and know this good. Blame the stars if you want. I am a Leo by sun. Now you know where the traits come from.

What do I get in return? That is a question in vain. My hair are so lustrous, long and strong, that they make me confident. I know I look good as far as my hair is looking nice. All boils down to my hair and I can do anything to keep them attached to my head and healthy. So that I can let them down and walk around proudly even in a crowded hall. Thank you hair for making me a confident young lady. Thank you.

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