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Avengers- Review

To begin with and to come straight to the point I would say, it was time well-spent watching Avengers. I am not here to tell you the story. I will tell you how wonderful can super hero movie be.

First of all we were anticipating a lot from the movie. After all we were going to watch the Marvel Comics heroes on screen. I have not been so privileged to be exposed to a lot of Marvel comics, but the few that I had read were fascinating. There, the mood is all set. I booked a seat in the middle so that I do not miss a thing. Secondly, I watched it in 3D. Believe me it makes a difference.

I am not a huge fan of action but Batman, Transformers and now Avengers are some of my favourites. Few of them are on the list because they are classics. Let me take you through the characters and tell you what you can expect from them.

The problem always begins with the villain; in this case Looki. He was sort of a disappointment. He is not scary enough. I thought his simple costume and make-up will lead to him being a silent killer. The kind of fear you have of the unknown. The fear that creeps in because the person is uncharacteristically calm. But nothing happened. The villain is a flop.

Next is supposedly a legend, a super human who survives even in frozen ice; Captain America. He is supposed to be the one guiding the entire team of super heroes. He seems to have done that well but not much action from him. I assume it was meant to be that way because he is oldest of them all, doesn’t really have any extraordinary super powers and is not able to fit into new kind of war. So I leave him alone till the time I decide why was he not shining enough.

Iron Man had most of the parts to play in the movie. He was a complete package. He fought, talked, did drama and most importantly he made people laugh. He added some tickling humour in an action movie. Yes, he was awesome but I did not like the idea that most of the movie was around him. He had the longest fight scenes. Nonetheless expect Iron Man to be very entertaining.

Next I would like to describe Black Widow. I do not know anything about her and never saw her in any comics so I do not know her sad story. Nowhere in the movie is it mentioned why she was there. Somewhere Hawk said she was a spy and not a soldier but that is it. She was there most of the times but her appearance seemed confusing to me. It is like when you do some work in kitchen and someone unnecessaryly keeps coming in way. I might be exaggerating a bit but that is almost what I felt.

The Hulk is the funniest of them all. I do not know if it is good to laugh while watching an action movie but for me it was a total entertainment. We got to see Hulk in the second half of the movie but it is totally worth it.

Thor is Looki’s brother who I think had a perfect characterization. He is stuck between his will to save the earth and his love for his brother. As much as he wants his world to be safe, he wants his brother back. The conflict of his mind and his slight protectiveness for his brother is humanly. He is supposed to be God. But that doesn’t matter. He is good.

Hawk did not have much to do. No comments for him.

All in all, not a dry moment in the entire movie. Full of well-timed humour and action packed. But somehow I felt it lacked a flow. The story did not have much of a pull. If you want 2 hours of complete entertainment this movie gives you double for what you have paid. But a lot of things are misplaced in this movie, mostly the plot. Nonetheless, I want entertainment and I got that. If you want a review from me I will say “WATCH IT!”

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