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Good thing you cry

I often find myself in awe of people who can face harsh situations without shedding a drop of tear. The max some people do is, take a deep breath, quiver the lips, resist crying and move on. They can take anything on their face; insult, anger, hurtfulness, and not a drop of tear. I really admire such people and I feel they are far stronger than I can ever be. They have complete control over their emotions and nothing can let them down.

I am an emotional freak. I can cry almost about anything. I get totally overwhelmed by a touching good deed, and that need not be done for me. I can also cry over a hurtful thing. I am emotional and criminally so. I have learned to accept that thing about me as a part of my nature. Yes, I cry a lot. Heck I cry looking at commercials of emotional nature. I think ‘Power of Dad’ by Oral-B that I saw recently was the latest one that made me teary eyed. So, we have established the fact that I can cry at the drop of a hat.

Honestly, I like that I can cry so easily.

Many a times, when I have not had people around to talk about somethings, I have reached my innermost self and talked to it while crying. I have calmed myself down and pull myself up after a good crying session. I have become very close to, and aware of my emotions by doing so. Sometimes, I wonder how people who don’t cry often handle such situations.

Well, I am comfortable with my crying habit but people around me might not be. Some people immediately try to stop you from crying. Tell you jokes or say that what’s done is done, no need to cry etc., I feel there is a need to cry whenever you feel like it. Crying in front of people or alone is your choice and convenience. Trying to stop crying has never helped me. But for the sake of people who are putting in efforts to make you feel better you can at least just hold back your tears.

Does that mean you should be ashamed of it? Does that mean you are troubling people by your crying? Does that mean you are not strong? I do not have answers to these but crying certainly helps me. Tears are my best friend in sad times like books are my best friends in leisure. I have cried on birthday surprises, unexpected gifts, small little whatsapp pings lately and of course, on sad little big things. To be who I am and being deeply touched by things around me is but human. How I react to it is my choice and nature. If you feel like crying reading this blog (or laughing at my justifications) go ahead. You are too but a human.

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