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The Supers

Mother of boys, mother of girls! Hear me here, hear me now. You are THE SUPERS!

I have a friend who is a huge fan of superheroes; Marvels, DC comics types. Not that I know the difference but AB will vouch for their super powers any day. That makes me wonder. If the super heroes were real, what would they be like?

Like us, Mothers! If you are balancing a kid on your hip with one hand and managing cleaning, cooking, bathing the kid, feeding the kid, going to work all in the same day, then you are a superwoman! If you are doing even half of it, you are a superwoman!

I do not have to justify this but it is great to write down your thoughts. We have ninja-like reflexes and we do not know how we do it. We catch the bottle before it spills the water, we catch the toys and the phones and remote controls before the kid throws it an breaks it, hell we catch the baby who is about to fall from the sofa or even sometimes from your hand! I cannot possibly fit in more examples of this.

Have you experienced this? You give one cold stare to your kiddo and she gets it that you have lost it now. That enough is enough. I know I do because my 17 month old shudders when she realises I have seen her do mischief. God forbid I have to raise my voice, she just drops whatever she is doing and runs to the opposite direction or sometimes even towards me; which is funny and cute at the same time.

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Also, have you experienced this? You sense something is wrong by the weird silence in the house. We hate the noise but we are scared of the silence. Something is not right and we can sense it! Our senses become so sharp that we can spot an ounce of water spilled on the floor, the minute stain on baby’s clothes (and have the OCD to change it immediately), stain on the toys, etc., The senses in your ears develop filters for fake cry, cry for attention, I am really hurt kind of real cry! We react accordingly based on the severity of the cry.

We kind of become invisible to people. The day I became a mother I ceased to exist as a person. I am mom and I got to do what I got to do. But somehow people do not see me the same way. I do not have to pee, or eat on time or don’t need 6-8 hours of sleep. I am not ME anymore, figuratively or literally.

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Last and most important. We are healers. We have the magic hugs and healing lips and warm hearts. One hug from mom calms the most restless baby down. At least mine does. I just have to hold her real close to me and be calm myself and I see she settles down. Coupled with funny noises and distracting powers we turn the situation around! Viola, we have a happy giggling baby in 3 minutes straight!

So if any day you think you are not doing enough, know that you already are exceeding yourself and your expectation. Just keep at it.

Hi5 Supers!

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