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Book Review- Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

After I have written my first book review – Surviving Women I moved on to another sexist kind of self help book. The name of the book is Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray. I am also going to move one notch up in my review writing exercise this time. According to the feedback that I got for my last review I have decided that I will structure my reviews better. You are about to read a more organised form of my review. Here it goes-

The 5 liner about the book:

  1. Men and women are different beings and they speak different languages.
  2. Communication is the key to happiness.
  3. All of us need help with communication with the opposite sex and no one should deny this and seek help.
  4. Love has faces. Love is not one dimensional. And we need all kinds of love to be happy. Love is perceived differently by men and women.
  5. Accepting differences between men and women is of prime importance

The Good: The best thing about the book is that it is not biased. No where has the author taken anybody’s side. If I have to summarize the first 100 pages of the book, it says ‘Do not give advice unless you are asked for it’ or ‘Do not provide solution before your partner asks for it.’ Everybody is competent of solving their own problems. All they need is support and assurance and not solutions. It is THAT simple and yet we end up making the same mistake of being pushy.

As I have mentioned in my previous review that I am on a spree of reading books on feminism and chauvinism, this I believe is the most mature book of them all. It caters to a more mature audience, people who have experienced relationships and problems in relationship. You instantly relate to things you do and things your partner does that creates conflict of thoughts. You will instantly appreciate the little things your partner does for you if you do not as yet.

One thing is for sure; this book answers two very important questions that have been bothering the humankind for ages. The questions are WHAT MEN WANT? & WHAT WOMEN WANT?

The Bad: The book only talks about the love relationship. Considering the fact that this book is targeted to a mature audience the approach seems a little pushy. After a point of time a lot of things get repetitive. I trust that the author wants to nail the ideas and the concepts in our head so that we do not forget. He is successful in doing so. But you feel the urge of skipping a few pages because you get a feel that you have just read it 2 paragraphs back.

It goes around in circles but thankfully the thoughts come back to a sensible conclusion and the flow is continued. Every chapter is unique on its own but are correctly linked with each other in most convincing ways. If I were hearing a tape of this book, I wouldn’t have mind the repetition. But when I read the book I would want to read a new thing in every paragraph. For all you know the book would have been as good in 150 pages.

Last word: It answers all your relationship issues. Issues that you didn’t even think is an actual issue leading to fights and differences between you and your partner. If you are receptive you will apply the ideas and see an instant difference in your relationship. It is a must read for all in a relationship.

Rating: 5

What the Ratings mean:

5- Add it in your must read list.

4- It is almost there. Worth one read

3- Very average. Nothing too good but nothing too bad.

2- If possible, just read the gist and get done with it.

1- If you have another book you think is more worthy of your time choose the other one.

Disclaimer: The rights to this format of review writing lies with Vibha Nayak.

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